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Eclipse - Mac OS X Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

Eclipse shortcuts mac

Auto Complete

Ctrl + Space

Call Hierarchy

Ctrl + Alt + H

Quick Fix

Cmd + 1

Previo­us/Next Cursor Position

Alt + Cmd + ←
Alt + Cmd + →

Format Source

Cmd + Shift + F

Open Class/Type

Cmd + Shift + T
Cmd + Shift + R

Class Outline

Cmd + O

Switch Tabs

Cmd + E

Previo­us/Next Annotation

Cmd + .
Shift + Cmd + .

Goto Line

Cmd + L

Show Type Hierarchy

Cmd + T

Show References

Show references
Show Usages of a variable

Previo­us/Next Tab

Alt + ←
Previous Tab
Alt + →
Next Tab

Matching Bracket

Cmd + Shift + P

Block Selection

Ctrl + Shift + Up


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