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Redis commands


Count set bits
Bitwise operations
Find first set bit
Decrement integer
Subtract from integer
Get by key
Get bit by index
Get substring
Set, returning old value
Increment integer
Add to integer
Add to float
Get multiple
Set multiple
Set multiple if don't exist
Set with expiry (ms)
Set bit by index
Set with expiry (seconds)
Set if doesn't exist
Set substring
Get length
Strings can be used as numbers, arrays, bit sets and binary data


Blocking left pop
Blocking right pop
Blocking rotate
Access by index
Insert next to
Get length
Pop from start
Push onto start
Push if list exists
Access range
Set item by index
Remove start and/or end items
Pop from end
Push onto end
Push onto end if list exists


Request authen­tic­ation
Return message
Test connection
Close connection
Set current database by index


Add item
Get size
Get difference
Store difference
Store inters­ection
Check for item
Get all
Move item to another set
Pop random item
Get random item
Remove matching
Iterate items
Store union


Delete item
Serialise item
Check for key
Set timeout on item
Set timeout by timestamp
Get all keys matching pattern
Transfer an item between Redis instances
Transfer an item between databases
Inspect item
Remove timeout
Set timeout (ms)
Set timeout (ms timestamp)
Get item time to live (ms)
Get random key
Change item's key
Change item's key if new key doesn't exist
Iterate keys
Get or store sorted copy of list, set or sorted set
Get item time to live
Get type of item


Run cached
Check by hash
Clear cache
Kill running script
Add to cache
Lua scripts access keys through the array KEYS and additional arguments through the array ARGV.


Delete item
Check for item
Get item
Return all items
Add to integer value
Add to float value
Return all keys
Get number of items
Get multiple items
Set multiple items
Iterate items
Set item
Set item if doesn't exist
Return all values

Sorted sets

Add item
Get number of items
Number of items within score range
Add to score
Store inters­ection
Lexico­gra­phical range count
Get items within rank range
Get items within lexico­gra­phical range
Get items within score range
Get item rank
Remove item(s)
Remove items within lexico­gra­phical range
Remove items within rank range
Remove items within score range
ZRANGE in reverse order
ZRANGE­BYSCORE in reverse order
ZRANK in reverse order
Iterate items
Get item score
Store union
Lexico­gra­phical commands require all items to have the same score


Add items
Get approx­imate size
Merge HyperL­ogLogs


Nice ! It will be shared in our next RedisWeekly !

The description for SETEX seems to be have been replaced by the one of SETNX

Many thanks!

Download Page Not Found !!!!!!

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