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Warpstar! and Warlock! RPG Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet by

Warpstar RPG Sheet that covers the basic rules. A very simple system based on "roll under your skill score, and you succeed"

Core Rules

Core Roll: d20 + Skill Level and =>20 succeeds


Starting skills (Adven­turing Skills)
Set 10 skills to 6, 10 at 5, the rest are 4
Roll 2d6+12
Starting Talent
Roll 1d20 on each table starting on p16 and choose one of them
Starting Career
P. 33. Roll a 1d4 to choose a table, then a d6 on that table. Do this 4 times, and decide which of those career's is your main career
Starting Gear
Determined by Career
Career Skills
You have 10 levels to spend in Career skills
Career Skills p2
Some max at 10, some at 12. put a dash in 10, a cross in 12 to help you remember which maxxes out at what level
Bonus Career Skill
You gain a special unique skill at the following level (Level = Average, rounded up, of the rating of the scores of the career skills granted by the career. This unique skill is named after your Career (ex, Assassin skill, Bodyguard skill, Diplomat skill) . This skill covers a broad range of actions, but they must be related to the Career itself.

Weapon Damage Codes

First letter is the size
S = small, M = Medium, L = large. Ex. S would be a knife or pistol, M is a sword or rifle, L would be an LMG or large sword
d6 value
Damage roll (ex 1d6+1)
Final letter is Crit table used
slashing (S), piercing (P), crushing (C) or energy (E)
* Mighty Strike
If attacker beats defender's roll by 3x (including all modifiers) it's a Mighty Strike. Roll damage, add modifiers and double it as incoming damage
* Armor
Light armour reduces incoming damage by 1d3, modest by 1d6 and heavy by 2d6
No matter what the Armor roll is, you always take one point of incoming damage on a successful enemy attack
Surprise Attacks
A full surprise attack, such as a sniper shot, knife in the back, etc, immedi­ately reduces the target to 0 Stamina on a hit

Generic Weapon Info

Crit Table
Small knife
non-le­thal, ex club
Lethal , ex. Sword
Non-lethal weapon e.g. staff
Lethal weapon e.g. great sword
Slug pistol
laser pistol
slug rifle
laser rifle
slug autogu­n/lmg
slug shotgun
pulse gun
hunting needler
frag grenade
concussion grenade

Character Advanc­ement

Earning Advances
1-3 advances determined by GM.
Spending Advances
You can only spend advances on Career Skills, on a 1:1 basis.
Because your Unique Career Skill changes based on averaging out your scores in your Career Skills, be sure to adjust it as needed when you spend advances on Career Skills
Every time your Unique Career Skill goes up by 1, add 1 to your Stamina

Combat Overview

Each Side (PC and Enemies) rolls 1d6. Higher roll means that side (not just a single actor) wins init
One PC or Enemy takes their action, then someone from the other side die
Anyone from a side can "­go" on a turn. Players should decide tactically who makes sense to go when
You get ONE action per turn, movement is an action
You can move up to 2meters in combin­ation with an action, without the move counting as an action
Diseng­aging is an action, but is free and doesn't create opport­unity attacks
Ranges are Close, Nearby, Far Away, and Distant
Characters can move one Range as their movement for the round (this is their one action for the round)

Critical Damage (hitting 0 or less Stamina)

Reduced to exactly 0 Stamina
Roll 2d6, look up weapon's Crit chart and apply the result
- Reduced to below 0 Stamina
Roll 2d6, but at +1 for each point of Stamina Damage taken that takes the PC below 0. Ex, you have 6 Stamina, incoming attack does 8 damage, adding +2 to the Critical roll
- Currently below 0 and hit again
Always add the current negative score the PC has in Stamina to the Crit roll
- Pulling punches (melee)
An attacker can, if they realize the target will go below 0 on an attack, pull / reduce the damage so it puts the target right at 0
See p.115 for tables


Catch your breath (30 mins)
Characters recover half their lost stamina as soon as they take half an hour to catch their breath. They can do nothing else during this time.
Full healing
A good night's sleep will heal someone fully
Critical Injuries
When downed by a Critical Hit (going to 0 or less Stamina) you can only recover by someone using their MEDICINE skill on you. Having a medkit grants a +5 bonus. The wounded person can try to heal themselves with a Med roll at -5. If med roll is failed, PC takes a penalty = to their current negative stamina until they get medical attention of a more serious level, such as at a hospital. So a PC at -4 Stamina would take a -4 on all rolls if the medicine roll failed them.

Weapon Codes

Crit Table
S - small: knife or pistol
S = slash, p = pierce, c = crush, e = energy
M - Medium: rifle or sword
S = slash, p = pierce, c = crush, e = energy
L - Large: automatic weapon, LMG, large sword
S = slash, p = pierce, c = crush, e = energy
S = slash, p = pierce, c = crush, e = energy

Adding a new Career

5 advanc­ements to taken on a new career
Skill Costs
You buy all the new career skills with advanc­ements, and you still cannot go over maximum limits (ex, Career 1 limits Skill X to 10, if Career to limits X to 10, you still can only max at 10, not 20)
Skill Freeze
All skills in your old career are frozen, that is, you cannot gain levels in skills of the old career
Unique Career Skill
You always keep your old Unique Career Skill, but also gain the new Career's skill

Combat Rolls

Melee is an opposed roll
Attacker and Defender use the skill for the weapon they are currently using
Winner of the roll does damage (so the defender can do damage!)
Whoever initiated the attack gets a +5 on their skill roll for that round
Roll Attackers SMALL ARMS skill vs Defender's DODGE skill
All ranges except Far Away have no modifier, but attacking a Far Away target can (GM's discre­tion) inflict a -5 penalty to attacker
Attacker wins roll = roll damage. Defender wins roll = no damage, but no other effect (unlike Melee)
Pinnin­g/s­upp­ression fire attack (Ranged)
Attacker rolls on SPOT skill, defender doesn't roll. On a success, defender dives behind cover and can't do anything for their next round.
Attacker rolls Athletics test. Success = you flank the target, and get an immediate, and free, Ranged attack with a +5. Failure means you've made yourself an open target, and take -5 to all Dodge rolls until the start of your next round

Warp Glyphs (aka..m­agic)

Learning Glyphs
The warp focus skill is used to manifest glyphs.
Player characters can learn a number of glyphs equal to half of their career skill in either the Warp touched or Warp lord careers
Someone must teach the PC glyphs
Each warp glyph listing notes whether a standard (denoted S) or opposed (denoted O).

Warp Glyphs (aka..m­agic)

Learning Glyphs
The warp focus skill is used to manifest glyphs. A new Warp-t­ouched character starts with one Glyph rolled at random
Player characters can learn a number of glyphs equal to half of their career skill in either the Warp touched or Warp lord careers
Someone must teach the PC glyphs. Once glyphs are learned, they cannot be changed. To learn a new one, you must level up your Career skill to open a new slot
Each warp glyph listing (p 161) notes whether a standard (denoted S) or opposed (denoted O).
Warp Bleed
Rolling a 1 on Glyph use is a massive failure and causes bleed. Reroll the Warp Skill test, Success = nothing happens, Failure = roll on Warp Bleed table (p153), adding Stamina cost of casting the Glyph as a modifier to the roll
* Warp mutations
Permanent Changes caused by warp bleed. Tables are on p.155


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