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Shadowrun Edge Actions Cheat Sheet by

1 Edge

**Reroll one die It can be yours or your oppone­­nt’s, but the result stands no matter what you roll.
Add 3 to your Initiative Score Can be done before combat or during
Shank (Melee Attack) When attacking with a blade, your advantage turns into a targeted strike. Reduce the Call a Shot penalty to –2.
Sudden Insight (Any) Perform an action in which you have no skill levels without penalty. This does not allow you to use skills that cannot be performed untrained.
Tactical Roll (Hit the Dirt) You drop to avoid incoming fire, with an agile roll that helps you make an attack as you roll. If you use a melee Attack action on the same combat round, you do not get the dice pool penalty that comes with the Prone status (p. 53) or Hit the Dirt Action (p. 41). For the next round, you do not take the –2 dice pool penalty from Close or Near attacks that come with the Prone status.
Tumble (Melee Attack) If the damage being inflicted on a target is greater than the target’s Body, they are brought down, giving them the Prone status.

5 Edge

Count 2s as glitches for the target When an opponent rolls, both 1s and 2s count in their total to determine if they glitch or critical glitch
Create special effect Bring your creativity to the table! You spend this Edge and something fortuitous happens.
Called Shot—D­­isarm (any attack) Successful hit does no damage to target, but their weapon is knocked from their hands.
Called Shot—V­­itals (any attack) The attack goes for the vitals, adding 3 extra damage if it hits

2 Edge

+1 to a single die roll You get to add 1 to a single die.
Give ally 1 Edge Take away two of your own Edge, and give one to a teammate.
Negate 1 Edge of a foe You spend two of your own Edge, but one vanishes from the opponent of your choice.
Fire from Cover (Ranged Attack, must be in Cover IV) Attacks from cover may be made without spending a Minor Action.
Knockout Blow (Melee Attack) If your inflicted damage of any type is greater than the target’s Willpower, immedi­ately fill up the Stun Condition Monitor. The target is uncons­cious.
Wrest (Block) When in melee combat, if you succes­sfully Block an attack, you can use this action to wrest your opponent’s weapon away. Roll Close Combat + Agility, with the attacker’s Strength as the threshold. If you equal the threshold, you knock the weapon out of their hands, and it falls to the ground. If you get more hits, you take the weapon from them. If you get fewer hits, the attacker retains the weapon.

3 Edge

Buy one automatic hit This one adds on to the total hits you roll. This isn’t an automatic success at whatever test you’re attemp­ting, just another hit to add to your total
Heal one box of Stun damage You catch a second wind and clear a box from your Stun Condition Monitor.

4 Edge

Add Edge to your dice pool Add your Edge as a dice pool bonus to your roll, and make 6s explode. If a 1 is rolled after a 6, it does not count toward your total for calcul­ating glitches.
Heal 1 point of Physical damage You take off a single box of damage from your Physical Condition Monitor
**Reroll all failed dice After a roll is made, you can reroll all failed dice. This Edge Boost cannot be used if a glitch or critical glitch is rolled.
Antici­­pation (Multiple Attacks, Ranged Attack) When performing this Multiple Attack, roll your full dice pool for each target.


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