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Major Actions on Initiative

Astral Projection (I) A character capable of Astral Projection (full magician or aspected magician) may shift their consci­­ou­sness to or from the astral plane as a Major Action. The process is complete the moment the action is declared and therefore places them on the astral plane immedi­ately, including for the remainder of the current combat round.
Attack (I) A character may perform one of a variety of forms of attack with this Major Action. See the Combat chapter (p. 104) for more details
Banish Spirit (I) Any character may attempt a Banishing on with a spirit as a Major Action (see Banishing, p. 147).
Cast Spell (I) A character may cast a spell as a Major Action. For details on how, see Spells (p. 130).
Cleanse (I) Awakened characters use this action to erase traces of their magic activity (see p. 160).
Manifest (I) Characters who are astrally projecting use this action to appear as a ghostly form (see p. 160).
*Observe in Detail (I) A character may make a detailed observ­ation by taking a Major Action. This action allows a Perception test (see Percep­tion, p. 96) or Assensing test (p. 159).
Pick Up/Put Down Object (I) A character may pick up an object within reach or put down one that they were holding as a Major Action. This action means care is taken to put the object down or pick it up. If the picked-up object is a weapon, this counts as readying the weapon.

Major Actions on Initiative

Ready Weapon (I) A character may ready a weapon by using this action. This includes drawing and readying a firearm; pulling a melee weapon from a sheath or pocket; taking out and readying a grenade or throwing knife; or any other kind of weapon prepar­­ation. Almost all weapons require this action before they are ready for use, though many times it occurs before combat even starts. Small weapons such as throwing knives and shuriken can be readied in bunches, with a total number equal to the charac­­ter’s Agility attribute pulled into the charac­ter's off-hand with a single Ready Weapon action.
Reload Weapon (I) Weapons without a smartlink, or weapons where the smartlink is currently diseng­­aged, require a Major Action to reload. Reloading a weapon refills the weapon to its maximum capacity as long as the character has sufficient ammunition to do so.
Rigger Jump In (I) A character with a vehicle control rig (VCR) and rigger­­-a­d­apted vehicle or drone or a rigger command console (RCC) may jump in to control the vehicle or operate the RCC with a Major Action.
Sprint (I) A character may move at a Sprint with this Major Action. Movement starts at 15 meters and is increased by 1 meter per hit on an Athletics + Agility Test. Only one Sprint Action is allowed per player turn, and it cannot be performed in the same turn as a Move action or Avoid Incoming action.
Summon Spirit (I) A character capable of summoning may use a Major Action to summon a spirit to assist them. A spirit that is already summoned is controlled using the Command Spirit Minor Action.
Use Simple Device (I) A character can use any simple device with a Major Action. Simple devices are those that are activated with a simple movement like a thumb trigger, pressing a single key, or tapping a single icon. It takes longer to interact with more complex devices, with required time being up to the gamemaster or listed with the descri­­ption of specific gear. Remember, a device connected via a DNI-en­­abled system uses the Minor Action.
Use Skill (I) A character may use an approp­riate skill by using a Major Action (see Skills, p. 92).

Major Actions Anytime

Assist (A) You can become a helper on a Teamwork test, working to help one of your teammates on some task (see Teamwork Tests, p. 36).
Counte­­rspell (A) See p. 143 for details
Full Defense (A) A character can add their Willpower to all Defense tests until their next combat round.


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