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Mutant Year Zero Cheatsheet / Reference Guide Cheat Sheet by

Overview of Mutant Year Zero from Free League


Base Dice - reflect points in attributes such as STR
Nuke symbol = 6 (success) | Biohazard symbol = 1 (failure)
Skill Dice - one die per point in a skill
Nuke symbol = 6 (success)
Gear Dice - some gear give dice bonuses
Nuke symbol = 6 (success) | Explosion symbol = 1 (failure)

Trauma and Healing

Whenever you push dice and get failed Attrib­ute­/Base dice, you take Trauma to that attribute tempor­arily
* Recovery depends on the type of Trauma
STR Trauma (aka Damage) = a short rest and burn one unit of GRUB for every point lost, STR =0 you are Broken, you are knocked out and take a Critical Injury
AGI Trauma (aka Fatigue) = a short rest and burn one unit of GRUB for every point lost, AGI = 0 you're exhausted. You can only take Maneuver actions (1 max) per round.
WITS Trauma (aka Confusion) = at least four hours of sleep. WITS = 0, you are mentally overloaded and cannot think clearly. You can only take Maneuver actions (1 max) per round.
EMPATHY Trauma (aka Doubt) = a moment of closeness with another MUTANT. It could be as simple as a fireside chat, a shared silent moment, etc. EMP = 0, you are broken down by fear, sadness, etc. You can only take Maneuver actions (1 max) per round.
Healing = if you rest for 1d6 hours, you gain back one point in one attribute.
* others may also use Healing skills (p53) to heal you


Initiative = 1d6 + AGI. In a tie, highest AGI wins. Still a tie? Roll again
NPCs of similar or same abilities roll as a group
Each round, you get an ACTION and a MANEUVER
ACTION = Roll for a skill or Activate a Mutation
MANEUVER = Move one range step, seek cover, grab an item from your gear, pick up something, draw a weapon, aim, reload, use an item
SURPRISE - if the GM says you get surprise, you get a +2 to Initiative
SNEAK ATTACK - roll your SNEAK vs target's SCOUT, taking into account modifiers from how far apart you are (see table p. 82)
ARMOR can block incoming damage. For each point of Armor Value, roll a GEAR die. Each explosion (6) on the die reduces incoming damage by 1
SHIELDS work like ARMOR, but the soak up damage before ARMOR does, so roll SHIELD Gear Dice first on being hit
COVER works like ARMOR and protects against RANGED attacks only. See p.89 for cover values. You roll GEAR dice for cover absorbing damage, and cover can take damage
Coup de Grace - if you're Broken, and an enemy attacks with a successful Fight or Shoot roll, needing only 1 success, you are perma-dead

Rolling the Dice

Normal Roll: Roll the number of dice you have in the Skill, its related Attribute, and any Gear dice that are relevant.
If you get a six (or a nuke symbol on custom dice) you have succeeded
Tricks & Weapon Bonus
Some skills have "­Tri­cks­" which activate when you get more than one success on the roll. Check your skill to see how you can spend the extra successes. Some weapons have bonuses for each extra success (see p.83)
Opposed Rolls
You and the enemy/­target roll on your skills as normal. Whoever gets the most successes wins the opposed challenge
Pushing a roll
You can push a failed or successful roll. Pick up all the dice that ARE NOT Successes or Failures (6s or 1s) and re-roll them
* Base Attributes
For every 1 you get on the Base (attri­bute) dice, including those you didn't re-roll, you take a point of damage to the relevant attribute. You GAIN one Mutation Point
* Gear
For every 1 (explo­sion) you get on the Gear dice, including those you didn't re-roll, the gear you used in the challenge takes damage and loses 1 die of its bonus
* Skills
Skills never take damage or a reduction


Points Available
Min Value
Max Value
4 (your core attrib can be bought up to 5 at the start)
0 (your class specialist skill must be at least 1)

Chargen Pt 2

Choose one from your Role
Start with one
Sacrifice one attribute point to gain a second mutation
Choose from your Role's list


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