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15 Jun 14, updated 11 May 16
production, labour, economics, econ200, ppf and 11 more ...
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Tags for Angular Material 2
24 Mar 17, updated 6 Apr 17
  by Jan Saunders Maresh and For Dummies
When starting a sewing project, “measure twice, cut once” is essential to your success
30 Jun 14, updated 12 May 16
machine, fabric, dummies, craft, dress and 7 more ...
  by Jan Saunders Maresh and For Dummies
Nothing can be more intimidating than trying to figure out what all the hieroglyphics are on the various parts of a pattern. Don't have a pattern panic attack! Take a look at each of the standard pattern parts one at a time, and you'll be shopping for patterns like a pro in no time.
30 Jun 14, updated 13 May 16
machine, dummies, craft, hobbies, sewing and 3 more ...
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This cheatsheet was created for those who frequently use AngularJS Material for their "layout needs". If you don't have it all memorized quite yet, then this sheet will help you
22 May 18
css, html, javascript, design, angularjs and 2 more ...

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