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International Marketing Cheat Sheet by

Marketing Globally

Intern­ational product policies

Why Firms Alter Products
Legal, Cultural or Economic reasons
Product line decisions depend on
Sales, cost and product life cycle consid­era­tions

Marketing Strategies - depends on orient­ation

Social marketing

Intern­ational branding strategies

Worldwide brand pros
Global image and player ID
Worldwide brand Cons
Language, brand aquisi­tion, country of origin,, generic and near generic names

Marketing mix may vary

Gap analysis
estimating potential sales by identi­fying prospects not serving adequa­tely. Usage, line, distri­bution, compet­itive

Marketing principles in foreign markets

similar to those in domestic markets: Product, Price, Promotion, Place. But may need to be adapted.

Target / segment by

Global segment
Multiple criteria

Country differ­ences may req alt approach

Promotion sales messages.
Standa­rdized advert­ising: low $, better quality. common global image, rapid entry. May have issues with legals, anguage and matching market needs
Push / Pull

Practices and compli­cations - Internet

Fast, cheap
cannot differ­entiate between countries, legals still apply

Pricing strategy comple­xities

Potential obstacles
Government interv­ention via min/max $ or prohib­iting pricing strategys. Market diversity.
Skimming, penetr­ation, cost-plus
Export price escalation
Fluctu­ations in currency value
Gray market or product diversion
Selling and handling of goods through unofficial distri­butors

Practices and compli­cations - distri­bution

the course that goods take between production and consum­ption
Physical path or legal title
Distri­bution can vary substa­ntially among countries
Distri­bution can be difficult to change
When choosing distri­butors and channels firms must consider
is internal handling feasible, which distri­butors are qualified, reliab­ility
May need to give distri­butors
Incent­ives, confidence in product, successful products
Cause cost diff in countries
Infras­tru­cture, levels in distri­bution, retail ineffi­cen­cies, size and hour restri­ctions, inventory stick outs


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