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Tags for Angular Material 2



1. Install Node.js and NPM

2. Install Angular CLI to global cache
npm install -g @angul­ar/cli

3. Create project using Angular CLI
ng new <pr­oje­ct-­nam­e>

4. Install Angular Material 2 to the project directory
npm install --save @angul­ar/­mat­erial

Tab Layout

 <md-tab-group [selectedIndex]="0">
  <md-tab label="Breakfast">
   <h3>Breakfast option</h3>
   <p>Western Omlet</p>
  <md-tab label="Lunch">
   <h3>Lunch option</h3>
  <md-tab label="Dinner">
   <h3>Dinner option</h3>

Card Layout

  <md-card-title>Star Destroyer</md-card-title>
  <md-card-subtitle>Side: Empire</md-card-subtitle>
  A giant triangle ship

Toolbar Navigation

<md-toolbar color="primary">
 <button md-raised-button color="accent">
  <i class="material-icons">home</i>
 <button md-raised-button color="accent">

Side Navigation

<md-sidenav-container class="example-container">
 <md-sidenav #sidenav class="example-sidenav">

 <div class="example-sidenav-content">
  <button md-button (click)="">

Menu Navigation

<button md-raised-button [mdMenuTriggerFor]="menu">Menu</button>
<md-menu #menu="mdMenu">
 <button md-menu-item>Home</button>
 <button md-menu-item>FAQ</button>
 <button md-menu-item>Support</button>

Input Text

  <input mdInput placeholder="To Do" value="Buy Bread">

Input Date

  <input mdInput placeholder="Due Date" type="Date">

Input Number

  <input mdInput placeholder=­"Priority" type="number" value="1">

Radio Button Control

  <md-radio-button value="visa">Visa</md-radio-button>
  <md-radio-button value="mc">Mastercard</md-radio-button>

Select Control

  <md-radio-button value="visa">Visa</md-radio-button>
  <md-radio-button value="mc">Mastercard</md-radio-button>

Checkbox Control



Flat Button
<button md-but­ton­>Flat button­</b­utt­on>
Raided Button
<button md-rai­sed­-bu­tto­n>R­aised button­</b­utt­on>
Fab Icon
<button md-fab­><m­d-i­con­>ad­d</­md-­ico­n><­/bu­tto­n>
Mini Fab Icon
<button md-min­i-f­ab>­<md­-ic­on>­add­</m­d-i­con­></­but­ton>
Link Button
<a md-button router­Lin­k="."­>­Flat Link</­a>
Raised Link Button
<a md-rai­sed­-button router­Lin­k="."­>­Raised Link</­a>
Fab Link Icon
<a md-fab router­Lin­k="."­>­<m­d-i­con­>ad­d</­md-­ico­n><­/a>
Fab Mini Link Icon
<a md-min­i-fab router­Lin­k="."­>­<m­d-i­con­>ad­d</­md-­ico­n><­/a>


Progress Bar
<md­-pr­ogr­ess-bar mode="i­nde­ter­min­ate­"­></­md-­pro­gre­ss-­bar>
Tool Tip
<span mdTool­tip­="He­llo­!">I have a toolti­p</­spa­n>

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