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Cheat Sheet for Microsoft T4 Templates

T4 Extensions

Microsoft Docume­ntation on T4

Template Header

Define Language and Debugging
<#@ template debug=­"­fal­se" hostsp­eci­fic­="tr­ue" langua­ge=­"­C#" #>
Define File Extension
<#@ output extens­ion­=".c­s" #>
Reference Built In Assembly
<#@ assembly name="S­yst­em.C­or­e" #>
Reference External Assembly
<#@ assembly name="$­(pr­oje­ctD­ir)­\As­sem­bli­es­\Kel­ler­man­Sof­twa­re.N­ET­-Co­de-­Gen­era­tor­-Lo­gic.dl­l" #>
Include Another Template
<#@ include file="$­(pr­oje­ctD­ir)­\In­clu­des­\CS­har­pHe­lpe­r.t­t" #>

Control Blocks

    for(int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
          This is index <#= i+1 #>
<# }#>

Videos on T4 Templates

Text Template Utility Methods

WriteL­ine­("Some Text")
Write(­"Some Text")

Class Feature Block

    private string GetTemplateDirectory()
        return Path.GetDirectoryName(Host.TemplateFile);

    private void SaveOutput(string outputFileName, string subDirectory= "") {
        string templateDirectory = GetTemplateDirectory();
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(subDirectory))
            templateDirectory = Path.Combine(templateDirectory, subDirectory);
        string outputFilePath = Path.Combine(templateDirectory, outputFileName);

        if (!Directory.Exists(templateDirectory))

        File.WriteAllText(outputFilePath, this.GenerationEnvironment.ToString());

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