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Cheat sheet for onboard functions of the Ducky One 3 Mini keyboard

Fn Layer Diagram

RGB Control

Fn + ALT + T
Change Backlight mode
1. Wave
Fn + ALT + /
Decrease Speed
2. Cycle
Fn + ALT + ,
Increase Speed
3. Rain Drop
Fn + ALT + T (hold 3s)
Turn off backlight
4. Ripple
Fn + ALT + Z *
Adjust R brightness
5. Rainbow Reactive
Fn + ALT + X *
Adjust G brightness
6. Reactive*
Fn + ALT + C *
Adjust B brightness
7. Halo*
Fn + ALT + V *
Erase RGB settings
8. Breathe*
Fn + ALT + Spacebar
Activate color palette
9. Full Backlit*
Fn + ALT + G
CM 1 Cycle
10. Radar*
Fn + ALT + B
CM 2 Cycle
11. Backlight OFF
Fn + ALT + Caps Lock
Start CM recording
Caps Lock + Left Shift
Finish CM recording

RGB CM Recording

1. Press Fn + ALT + Caps Lock for 3 seconds, when G and B illuminate press them to enable CM1 or CM2
2. Caps Lock will display the current LED color. This can be adjusted with RGB adjustment keys.
3. Hit any keyboard key to illuminate it with the selected colour.
4. To finish recording, press caps Lock + Left Shift to finish.

Fn + Alt Layer Diagram

Macro Control

Fn + ALT + 1
Set Factory Profile
Fn + ALT + (2-6)
Set Custom Profiles 2-6
Fn + ALT + Tab (hold 3s)
Start Macro recording
Fn + ALT + Tab (hold 1s)
Finish Macro recording
Fn + ALT
Move to another key in Macro recording
Fn + ALT + ESC
Caps Lock will blink to show selected profile
Fn + ALT + Backspace
Delete current profile

Macro Recording

1. Press FN + ALT + Tab for 3s. Caps Lock or indicator lights will flash slowly.
2. Press the desired Macro activation key. It will flash switfly.
3. Press desired keys to be recorded in the Macro.
4. Press FN + ALT to record another key.
5. Press FN + ALT + Tab for 1s to finish Macro recording.

DIP Switch Functions

Disable F Row Toggle
Enable F Row Toggle
N-Key Rollover
6-Key Rollover
Ducky Vender ID (VID)
Vender ID Definable
Right Windows key
Menu key


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