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Sublime Text 2 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts by

Keyboard Shortcuts for Sublime Text 2 for Windows.Commas indicate to press one key, then another (Ctrl + K, 1 = Hold control, press K, then press 1).Slashes indicate options, Alt + Shift + 2/3/4 means hold Alt and Shift, then press 2, 3, or 4.


Ctrl + Shift + P
Command pallette
Ctrl + /
Toggle comment
Ctrl + Shift + /
Toggle block comment
Ctrl + Space
Show comple­tions

File Navigation

Ctrl + P
Goto Anything
Ctrl + G
Goto Line
Ctrl + R
Goto symbol (function name, table, etc.)
Ctrl + Pageup­/Pa­gedown
Goto next/prev file
Ctrl + K, C
Goto current selection
Ctrl + Up/Down
Scroll up/down one line (doesn't move cursor)
Ctrl + F2
Set Bookmark
Alt + Ctrl + P
Switch Project
Ctrl+Shift + F2
Clear all bookmarks
Goto next bookmark

View/W­indow Manipu­lation

Ctrl + `
Show/Hide Console
Ctrl + K, B
Show/Hide Sidebar
Shift + F11
Distra­cti­on-free mode
Alt + Shift + 2/3/4
Set 2, 3, or 4 column layout
Alt + Shift + 8/9
Set 2 or 3 Row layout
Alt + Shift + 5
Set 4-pane grid layout
Alt + Shift + 1
Set single­-pane layout
Ctrl + 1/2/3/4
Set focused group/pane
Ctrl + Shift 1/2/3/4
Move current tab/file to pane


Ctrl + F
Find Next
Ctrl + F3
Find previous
Ctrl + I
Increm­ental find
Ctrl + H
Ctrl + Shift + H
Replace next
Ctrl + F3
Quick Find (find current word)
Alt + F3
Quick find all
Ctrl + E
Use selection for find
Ctrl + Shift + E
Use selection for replace
Ctrl + Shift + F
Find in files
Next result (find in files)
Shift + F4
Previous result (find in files)


Ctrl + [ / ]
Ctrl + K, J
Unfold all
Ctrl + K, 1
Fold all
Ctrl + 2-9
Fold level X
Ctrl K, T
Fold tag attributes


Ctrl + K, Space
Set mark
Ctrl + K, A
Select to mark
Ctrl + K, W
Delete to mark
Ctrl + K, X
Swap with mark
Ctrl + K, Y

Word Manipu­lation

Ctrl + Delete­/Ba­ckspace
Delete word forwar­d/b­ackward
Ctrl + K, K
Delete to end of line
Ctrl + K, Backspace
Delete to beginning of line
Ctrl + T
Transpose (switch characters surrou­nding cursor)
Alt + .
Close Tag
Ctrl + K, U/L
Convert to upper/­lower case

Line Manipu­lation

Ctrl + ], [
Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down
Swap Line Up/Down
Ctrl + Shift + D
Duplicate Line
Ctrl + Shift + K
Delete line
Ctrl + J
Join Lines
Ctrl + X
Cut Line
Ctrl + V
Paste cut/copied line above
Ctrl + Enter
Insert line after
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Insert Line Before
Sort Lines
Ctrl + F9
Sort lines (case-­sen­sitive)


Ctrl + D
Quick select (repeat to add next)
Ctrl + U
Undo quick select
Ctrl + K, D
Skip and quick add next
Ctrl + Shift + L
Split into lines (adds cursor to each line of current selection)
Alt + Ctrl + Up/Down
Add previo­us/next line
Ctrl + L
Expand selection to line
Ctrl + Shift + Space
Expand selection to scope
Ctrl + Shift + M
Expand selection to brackets
Ctrl + Shift + J
Expand selection to indent­ation
Ctrl + Shift + A
Expand selection to tag



Debug features enabled

CTRL + SHIFT + W = Exit Sublime
CTRL + W = Exit Active/Current File

nice work! i've converted it to html with bootstrap for mobile use

Ctrl + Shift + [ / ] Fold/e­xpand

Any method for making this print friendly?

DaveChild DaveChild, 10:13 30 May 14

Hi Ken. You can download a printable PDF of this cheat sheet if you click on "Downloads" at the top left.

Any shortcut for showing this cheat-sheet in Sublime?

Ctrl + N (New file in new tab)
Ctrl + O (Open file in new tab)
Ctrl + S (Save)
Ctrl + Shift + S (Save as)
Ctrl + Shift + N (New file in new window)
Ctrl + W (Close current file)
Ctrl + Shift + W (Close current window)

thanks .. :)

Alt + F3 (Select all instances of a selected region)

I have managed to create a complete list of Sublime Text 3 commands that doesn't have a default Keyboard Shortcut.
Check this:
Hope it helps.

CTRL+ALT+DEL = makes sublime text disappear

Ctrl + K, 1
Fold all doesnt work

Nice list.
I have created a tutorial on how to create shortcuts in Sublime Text here:

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