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Sublime Text 2 - Linux Keyboard Shortcuts by

Most common keyboard shortcuts for Sublime Text 2 on Linux

Sublime Text 2 - Coding & navigation

Ctrl + M
Jump to matching bracket
Ctrl + Sh + M
select everything within the current brackets
Ctrl + P
goto anything ('@' for functions, ':' for line number)
Ctrl + R
find function
Ctrl + G
goto line
Ctrl + Sh + P
command pallette
Ctrl + Sh + F
Find in files
Alt + R
toogle regex
Alt + #
create # columns
Ctrl + #
switch to # column
Ctrl + Sh + Spc
select scope / force autoco­mplete
Ctrl + Bcksp
delete to begginning of word
Ctrl + Del
delete to end of word
Ctrl + J
join lines

Sublime Text 2 - Text operation

Ctrl + Shift + F
replace in file
Ctrl + L
select current line
Ctrl + Shift + D
duplicate line
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
insert line before
Alt + F3
select all instances of word
Ctrl + D
repeat multi-­select word
Ctrl + K
skip multi-­select word
Ctrl + Shift + Up
move line up
Ctrl + Shift + Down
move line down
Shift + F11
distra­ction free mode
Ctrl + Shift + K
delete line
Ctrl + K + K
delete to the end of line
Ctrl + K + backspace
delete to start of line

Sublime Text 2 - General

Ctrl + F
Ctrl + Shift + F
Find in files
Ctrl + N
open new tab
Ctrl + ]
indent line(s)
Ctrl + [
unindent line(s)

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its missing
Ctrl + Sh + L split selection into lines (creates multiple cursors on block of lines that you have selected)

yes the ctrl + sh + l is literally one of my most used commands. I use it sometimes to avoid creating a macro

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