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PESTEL Analysis Cheat Sheet by

PESTEL Analysis in context to Nepal

P - Politi­cal

Government Policy
Political Stabil­ity­/In­sta­bility
Foreign Trade Policy
Tax Policy
Trade Restri­ctions, Barriers and Tariffs
Fiscal Policy
Political Decisions

E - Economic

Economic Growth
Interest Rates
Exchange Rates
Disposable Income
Wage Rates
Financial Capabi­lities and access to Capital
Cyclical Changes (Industry and consum­ption)
Unempl­oyment Rate
Labor Costs
generally the macroe­conomic indicators

S - Socio-­cul­tural

Population Growth
Age Distri­bution
Culture, Race, Ethnicity, Sex, Religion etc.
Commun­ication ease
Income Distri­bution
Attitude towards work
Level of Education

T - Techno­log­ical

Research and Develo­pment and Innovation
Global Technology
Knowledge Sharing
Intern­ational Standards
New innovative solutions
Emerging Techno­logies
Techno­logical Maturity
Copyright Infrin­gements
Potential Return on Investment (RoI)
Production and Investment

E - Enviro­nme­ntal

Climate and weather
Enviro­nmental laws
Corporate Social Respon­sib­ility (CSR)
Paris Agreement (Treaty on Climate Change)
Recycling and Waste Reduction
Pollution Regula­tions
Declining state of raw materials
Geogra­phical Location

L - Legal

Employment and Labor laws
Health and Safety Standards
Consumer protection laws
Tax laws
Anti-trust laws
Product labeling and Safety
Better working conditions


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