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Code BBC Micro:bit from Arduino IDE Cheat Sheet by

Explanation of how code BBC Micro:bit from Arduino IDE.

1. Start Arduino IDE

Start your Arduino IDE, then click on the Prefer­ences.


2. Add the URL

Additional Board Manager URL

3. Open Tools

Open Tools>­Boa­rd>­Boards Manager from the menu bar, search for nRF5 and install “Nordic Semico­nductor nRF5 Boards” by Sandeep Mistry

4. Select Micro:bit

Select Micro:bit Select BBC micro:bit from the Boards menu. Set SoftDevice to S110. And set the Port to the Micro:bit COM port.

5. Upload the code

Upload the code to your Micro:bit. Don't worry about the red warnings below. Open the Serial Monitor and push the button of your Micro:bit. Enjoy!

Code </>

Plugga Studios Tutorial for Micro:bit
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const int COL1 = 3; // Column #1 control
const int LED = 26; // 'row 1' led

const int BUTTON_A = 5; // The number of the pushbutton pin
const int BUTTON_B = 11; // The number of the pushbutton pin

long previousMillis = 0;
long currentMillis = 0;
int interval = 500;
boolean ledState = false;
boolean buttonAPressed = false;
boolean buttonBPressed = false;

void setup()

  Serial.println("microbit is ready!");

  pinMode(BUTTON_A, INPUT);  
  pinMode(BUTTON_B, INPUT);   

  // Because the LEDs are multiplexed,
  // we must ground the opposite side of the LED
  pinMode(COL1, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(COL1, LOW);

  pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);

void loop()
  currentMillis = millis();
  if (currentMillis - previousMillis > interval) {
    previousMillis = currentMillis;

    ledState = !ledState;
    digitalWrite(LED, ledState);
  if (digitalRead(BUTTON_A) == LOW &&
      buttonAPressed == false) {
    buttonAPressed = true;

    Serial.println("Button A is pressed.");
  else if (digitalRead(BUTTON_A) == HIGH &&
      buttonAPressed == true) {
    buttonAPressed = false;

  if (digitalRead(BUTTON_B) == LOW &&
      buttonBPressed == false) {
    buttonBPressed = true;

    Serial.println("Button B is pressed.");
  else if (digitalRead(BUTTON_B) == HIGH &&
      buttonBPressed == true) {
    buttonBPressed = false;


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