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Journey To The Overland Official FAQ Cheat Sheet by

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When travel­ling, do you roll for an encounter for each hex moved or just once for the entire turn?
You only roll at the beginning of the move.
Getting a job in town. Does the money made take into account lodging and food or is that before?
No. Food and lodging are separate and must be paid out of your wages. However you do not have to pay for lodging. You do risk being robbed but if you are just starting out you probably do not have much to steal. Most jobs will pay you enough to cover lodging with the exception of perhaps the minstrel and serf. Also remember you can sell personal items for half their cost in any town if you get low on money. And with one gold piece being equal to three silver pieces you should be able to afford lodging for a couple days while you work.
Do encounters remain in the hex after the turn you encounter them? Example: I encoun­tered an Old smith just outside Milestill. Will he remain there for a duration or is he gone if I walk away?
And yes they remain that hex. So record the hex number!
Will you include rules for repairing armour or is it just meant to wear out?
Armor is meant to wear out and be replaced. I think some Dwarfs can repair it though.
I keep getting killed! Even with spending some time racking up money, it is very hand to mouth like a good sword and sorcery story. Had to play a few games at trial and error to get the hang of it.
As for getting killed. Try hiring some early on in the town before you leave.
NPC comrades, can they be equipped with different gear or will they only use the stuff they come with initially?
Yes NPC can be equipped but once you do it belongs to them so if they leave they take it with them.
I played a game already and got annihi­lated in the first week. If the draws or rolls are unkind, there is no real way to recover.
Don't forget you can always to try to evade or escape from a combat.
The weather seems a little kookie as well. It snows one day and then is blazing heat the next....s­ounds like Michigan right? :P
The weather cards can be customized for seasons by removing certain weather (i.e. snow) but you will have to reshuffle the deck more often if you do. I prefer the weather as is though as it is a product of the origin of The Overland.
The healing rules seem a little too unforg­iving as well. I am going to play test the game with a house rule saying that wounds are healed at 1 per day with activity and 4/day with total rest.
I would not be so quick to mess with the Healing rules. As your character gets in more fights and does more things you will earn experience points which you can then use to purchase skills like Healer and Cleric.
Why does the game so difficult when you first start out?
he game is designed to be very difficult when you first start out which is why there are things like training with weapons, resting to heal wounds, and getting jobs. If you just head out into the world you probably are going to get killed.
You might need to clarify how bad guys attack the heroes. I found a usable strategy is to alternate 2 v 1 is to defend with one and then the other having the bad guy attack between the two, essent­ially creating a wolf pack situation. One person tags it then the next, causing it to have to turn the last hero to hurt it.
This sounds like you are using the Optional Combat Rules. As for bad guys attacking. The strategy you are using is perfectly legal. Certain NPC however do have rules on who they attack and what weapons or powers they use in their attacks. So these will usually be the higher­-level NPC and are designed to be more difficult to kill. But if you are dealing with a gang of thieves or a pack of wolves use whatever strategy you need. Just make sure that the NPCs are acting logically otherwise you're defeating the purpose of the game.
I was supposed to get the promo card called Robin the Rogue (and miniature) for The Red Dragon's Lair crossover, but it isn't in the deck (unless you changed the name?) -- Is the promo card (and miniature) coming with my stretch goals?
Yes any stretch goal related content will be shipped or sent separa­tely. This includes characters from the NARRATOR pledge levels.
So the encouter was hostile initially and I escape to a town. Do they remain hostile or does that reset? Do you encounter them again only when entering that hex?
No you don't put them back in that hex. The card is returned unless it tells you to hold it. You may meet another Old Smith in another hex. Unique cards like the Virgin Queen are held others can be met again elsewhere. The next Smith may be friendly. But yes if you return to that hex you will encounter them again after you resolve your normal encounter if any. Escaping in a town always resets unless the card says otherwise.
I got 54 poker-­sized cards (18 of each type), and 109 square 3 1/2 inch cards. Is this correct?
You should have 54 poked sized cards (18 each of Quest, Event and Weather) and 108 Encounter Cards.
The components are of pretty good quality, but the text on the cards is squished together to the point that some of the letters overlap. They are still readable, though.
This was a printing error that was not evident in Photoshop when we sent the to the printer. We have tried to adjust the font in later printings to make it more legible.
I also got a B&W copy of the Adventure Journal log sheet
I have added the New Character Sheet to the digital rewards in BackerKit so everyone should be able to download it from there. It is a five page character sheet with a one page adventure journal log.


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