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Journey To The Overland Encounter Card Errata Cheat Sheet by

Updated Errata on Core Game Encounter Cards

Encounter Card Errata

Change Level 1 to Level 2
Ignore text. Use the following instead: Mu-94, Ag-47, Lu-70, Ws-47, Ps-61, En-89, Ab-50, Level-1, You have encoun­tered a skilled ironsmith 3 hexes away. If you and your party travel to the hex and positive roll on the NPC Reaction table he will sharpen your weapons so that they do –5 additional damage during the first combat after they have been sharpened. However, if you return to this hex he will sharpen them again for only 10 silver pieces per weapon. +8 Hammer –6 damage:
Northern Hunting Camp
Remove duplicate card from the deck. Complete Text Ahead there is a camp. They are very fond of music and if you are a Minstrel and go approach them (NPC Reaction check) and they accept you (any positive roll). You will be allowed to travel with them playing for them each night after the evening meal. If you pass a skill check after playing each will pay you 25 gold. They are going to Igloo. You can stay till they reach it. They will handle any combat from encounters and you can leave when you wish. If you get a negative roll on the NPC Reaction they will just tell you to bug off. Other than Minstrels all other characters make a regular NPC Reaction check when encoun­tering this group however they will not join unless you too are heading to Igloo.
Orc Lord
Ignore Text. Use the following instead: This Orc Lord is leading 3,000 Orc wolf riders (caval­rymen) toward the nearest town. He is there to meet the Mayor and will be there for a month. Whle he is there no one will be let in or out of that town unless they defeat him and his troops. Also no audiences will be allowed and no alliances. The town will not come to its allies aid either during this time.
Change Number Present to 3
Slaugh­ter­house of Bamelun
Complete Text The stench of blood pains your nose as you pass this place. Bamelun is a torturer who tortures for pay. For 100 gold any captured PC or NPC can be brought here. Once here Bamelun will bind them in 90% chains (subtract from Mu for % chance to escape) and torture them everyday. -5 from their Endurance, Muscle and Ability each day they are tortured. You can pick them up any day you wish or leave them to be killed. Characters who may wish to rescue someone from Bamelun must first get this encounter to learn where his house is or meet someone who got the card and knows. They may then attack his base. Bamelun is a 50% Berserker with a 20 Berserk score. Anyone who attempts to rescue people from Bamelun and fails will be tortured. Bamelun will sell people he has had over a week to anyone who wants them for 500 gold pieces.
Gang of Thieves
Complete Text You encounter a group of 50% Thieves. They are planning to rob a home three hexes from here (random direct­ion). If you are a thief they ask you to join them. If you join you must travel to the hex tonight after your evening meal and make a Thief skill check to enter the home. You must then make a check to find and retrieve the 2,000 gold charm. If you succeed the thieves will stay with you until the charm is sold at which time there is a 50% chance they will demand all the gold or attack. Otherwise the gold is split evenly among all survivors. A husband (50% all charac­ter­istics) and his wife (40% all) are at the home. Husband has +7 Sword –5 damage. If you fail either check they will attack and fight to the death.
Fallen Asteroid
Complete Text Ahead you see a fallen asteroid that appears to be a glowing. The asteroid is made of an unknown substance that has a high density level. If you are an alchemist or find an alchemist with a lab this asteroid can be used to make up to ten stones or arrowheads that doe -10 damage each. Thee stones or arrowheads can be used in any sling or bow. They can pierce any armor (even magical or dragon armor) and will wound the target directly if a hit is scored. However only two stones or arrowheads can be made a week and the alchemist must pass a skill check to make them succes­sfully. Any stones or arowheads not made succes­sfully are subtracted from the ten. The asteroid weighs 180lbs and must be pulled (with rope) by a horse which cannot be ridden while it is pulling it.
Military Training Center
Complete Text You hear of a camp that trains troops for combat. The camp cost 100 gold per unit trained and lasts one week. Free food an lodging are provided for commanders (others must pay as if in a town). When trained: 1. units get +5 on rolls on the Troop Results Table; 2. Infantry receive no modifiers in desert, ice or swamp terrain; 3. Cavalry receive no modifier in and move through Mountains; 4. trained units can move up to 1 hex further and be controlled from 1 hex further away by their commander. 5. trained units also receive a 20% chance of being able to make night attacks which are made after all battles and after the evening meal. They have a –20 modifier on the Troop Results Table for these attacks but defenders have a –40 modifier. They fight under the next days weather card. Defenders do not get a chance to attack back.
Burial Tomb
Complete Text You’ve located a burial tomb of a “Great Orc” leader. It is believed that Orc Leaders would bury valuable inform­ation and powerful items with them. You may attempt to dig it up if you have a shovel. It will take 4 days if you dig alone, and two days if you have help. Once dug up you will need some rope to pull it out by passing a Muscle check. Once out you can use any weapon or staff with a handle to attempt to pry it open, by passing an Ability check. There is a 20% chance the tomb may be guarded by a Spirit. If so it can only be harmed by magic or magical items and only magical armor can absorb its damage. It attacks with 80% Spectral Blasts that do -15 damage each. If no Spirit is encoun­tered or you defeat it, roll 1d10 for what you find: 1.) ancient scrolls, 50 gold; 2 -4) Rune that lets you –10 from any magical attack; 5-10) +50 healing potion
Message Center
Complete Text This unknown message center is capable of sending a word, order or notice from you to any character or NPC in a town or castle. A message cost 20 silver pieces to each person it is sent. Messages cannot be sent when it is raining. But lodging and food is available if you spend the night at the Center until the morning to send a message after the rain stops. This center is run by a Wizard (80%) named Neu-ulm (above stats) who has 700 MST. The center is open to all. But you may attempt to capture it if you have troops (see: Capturing Towns). If you do capture it you must have a 60% Wizard or higher to send messages from the center and he expends 20 MST for each message sent. If Neu-Ulm withdraws or escapes more than 4 hexes from you during the battle the Center does too.
King's Caravan
Complete Text You spot a caravan guarded by four Knights (stats above) and 500 Cavalry troops. It is carrying the king’s niece, Celeste Mu-45, Ag-69, Ps-79, Ws-40, En-45, Ab-35. If you take this caravan and capture her you can ransom her back to Kings Castle. You must take her back to the castle where you will be given 5,000 gold for her. However each day you have her there is a 50% chance the king will send his nephew Sir Basil to gain her back. If he does send Sir Basil you will encounter him in an adjacent hex and you can either defeat him and his troops and continue to the castle or release the niece and go free. But if you kill her (she will fistfight if you try) Basil will follow you and kill you in combat even if you enter a town. Basil is a 70% Knight, Mu-92, Ag-86, Ps-81, Ws-69, Lu-70, En-85, Ab-80; he has a +11 Battle Axe -15 damage; Ab-20, Max Ab-100 Plate Armor; 90% Warhorse named “Casti­llian” and a +20 Lance that does -20 damage; he has 1,000 Cavalry troops with him. Each knight has a +10 Broadsword -10 damage; Ab-10, Max Ab-50 Chainmail armor; Mustang horse;


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