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First Aid Kit Cheat Sheet by

What you may need in a first aid kit or medicine kit for your home.

First Aid - Box

Anti­septic Wipes for Cuts and Grazes
Finger Bandage and Applicator
20 indivi­dually wrapped, sterile Plas­ters of varying sizes.
2 large indivi­dually wrapped, non-me­dicated Sterile Dressi­ngs.
6 medium indivi­dually wrapped, non-me­dicated Sterile Dressi­ngs.
2 sterile Eye dressings with bandages.
4 Triang­ular dressings for slings or wrapping.
Roll of 25mm Microp­ore or plaster.
Tubu­lar or crepe bandage for sprains.
Safety Pins of varying sizes.
Ear Thermo­meter
Blunt Ended Scis­sors.
Disp­osable Gloves
Space Blanket

First Aid - Precau­tions and Advice

In an Emer­gency always call for help first.
All medicines and equipment should be stored in a safe place away from the reach of children and vulnerable adults.
All medicines and equipment should be checked for storage instru­cti­ons.
All medicines and equipment should be checked for Expiry Dates before consum­ption.
All medicines and equipment should be checked for Age Restri­cti­ons before consum­ption.
The proper Dosage should be checked for all medica­tions before consum­ption.
All medica­tions and equipment should be checked for Allergy Triggers and Intera­cti­ons before consum­ption or use.

Medicine Cupboard - Adults

Cough Sweets
Cough Syrup - Tickly - Chesty
Cold Tablets
Bug Spray
Insect Bite Cream
Sun Screen, various factors
After Sun
Re-hyd­ration Tablets
Anti-D­iarrhea Tablets
Mouth Ulcer gel
Eye Drops
Eye Wash
Ice Packs
Heat Pads
Healing Cream eg Sudocrem
Blister Plasters
Anti-B­act­erial Hand Gel

Medicine Cupboard - Children

Parace­tamol Suspension and/or
Ibuprofen Suspension
Fun Plasters
High Factor Sun Screen
Head Thermo­meter
Measuring Spoon or a No Needle Dosing Syringe
Nappy Rash Cream
Teething Gel

Emergency Box for the Car

Spare Petrol
Spare Tyre
Blankets (normal and space blankets)
Safety Pins
Antiseptic Wipes
Large Bandages
Medium Bandages
Triangular Bandages
Tubular Bandages for Sprains
Mouth Barriers for CPR


I love your enthusiasm for tagging :). Nice cheat sheet.

Great cheat sheet, better get checking I have everything! :)

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