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Cheat sheet for my Sweetheart

Text Editing

Ctrl + left/right
Jump a word
Jump to the beginn­ing/end of line/w­ebsite
Ctrl + Home/End
Jump to the beginn­ing/end of the file
Ctrl + X
When u have nothing selected, its gonna cut the line your cursor is currently on, can be used to remove lines
Ctrl + backsp­ace­/delete
Remove the word to the left/right of your cursor
Win + V
When u hold shift with some of them youre gonna select the text your cursor has to pass through, for ex.Ctrl + shift + end is gonna select everything from where your cursor is all the way to the end of the file.

Google Chrome

Ctrl + Tab
Switch chrome tabs
Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Switch tabs in the opposite direction
Ctrl + T
Open new browser tab
Ctrl + W
Close browser tab
Ctrl + L
Move cursor to address bar
Alt + left/right
Go back/f­orward
When on google or on youtube u can use it to place your cursor in the search bar
Ctrl + N
New browser window(not tab, window)
Ctrl + Shift + N
New incognito window
Ctrl + I
Inspect website html code
Ctrl + 1,2,3...
Jump to 1,2,3... tab


git init
Initialize git repository
git status
Show changes made in project and contents of staging area
git add <fi­le_name or .>
Add file or all contents of a direct­ory­(using dot) to staging area
git commit -m "­mes­sag­e"
Commit staged changes
git reset --hard
Reset changes to last commit on the branch
git branch --show­-cu­rrent
Show what branch you are on
git branch -a
Show all branches in the repository
git checkout -b <br­anc­h_n­ame>
Create a new branch
git checkout <br­anc­h_n­ame>
Switch to another branch
git merge <br­anc­h_n­ame>
Merge branch to the branch you're currently on
git checkout -- <fi­lename or .>
Discard unstaged changes in chosen file
git remote add <al­ias> <ur­l>
Associate given url(link) to an alias
git remote -v
Print all added remotes
git push <re­mot­e> <lo­cal­_br­anc­h:r­emo­te_­bra­nch>
Push a branch to remote reposi­tory(-u flag to save settings)
git pull <re­mot­e> <re­mot­e_b­ran­ch:­loc­al_­bra­nch>
Pulls a branch from remote repository
<re­mot­e> is one of the aliases added by git remote add
git pull = git fetch + git merge


mysqld --console
Starts mysql service
mysql -u <us­ern­ame>
Login to mysql shell
Shows databases
USE <da­tab­ase­_na­me>;
Chooses database to execute queries on
Shows tables from chosen database
DESCRIBE <ta­ble­_na­me>;
Shows inform­ation about a table
CREATE TABLE <ta­ble­_na­me> (
  <co­lum­n_n­ame> <co­lum­n_t­ype> <extra_params>,
Creates a table
Automa­tically increments its value with each added row
It's gonna be a primary key for that table
Whether the column can be NULL or not
 DEFAULT <va­lue>
Default value the column will be initia­lized with when adding a row
SELECT <co­lum­n1>­,<c­olu­mn2­>... FROM <ta­ble­_na­me>;
Select particular columns from a table
 SELECT * ...
Select all columns from a table
 LIMIT <am­oun­t>
Selects <am­oun­t> latest rows
 LIMIT <st­art­ing­_id­>,<­amo­unt>
Select <am­oun­t> rows starting from the row with id=<st­art­ing­_id>
 WHERE <co­lum­n>=­<va­lue>
Select all rows whose <co­lum­n> is equal to <va­lue>
INSERT INTO <ta­ble­_na­me> (<c­olu­mn1­>,<­col­umn­2>, ...) VALUES (<v­alu­e1>­,<v­alu­e2>­,...);
Insert values into a table
TRUNCATE <ta­ble­_na­me>;
Clear a table
DROP <ta­ble­_na­me>;
Remove a table
root - your database username, root is like admin


Ctrl + Shift + up/down
Move selected text up/down
Ctrl + /
Comment selected text out
Alt + 4
Jump to run window
Ctrl + F12
Jump to terminal window
Ctrl + F8
Toggle breakpoint
Shift + F10
Run the program in normal mode
Ctrl + Shift + F10
Run the program whose window I have currently open
Shift + F9
Run the program in debug mode
Step into a function
Step over
Resume program
Ctrl + F2
Stop running program

Command Prompt­/Te­rminal

Print working directory
cd <fo­lde­r_n­ame>
Change directory
cd ..
Go to parent folder
List contents of current directory
List contents of current directory
dir /a
List contents of current directory including hidden files
Print working direct­ory(cd without anything after)
rd <di­rec­tor­y_n­ame> /s
Removes a directory with all its contents
mkdir <na­me>
Creates a new directory


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