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Basic Bash Keyboard Shortcuts by

Bash (Bourne-again shell) is a command language and an UNIX shell. This sheet show the basics commands to use it with some links to get the concepts. Please comment your feedback and rate it.Last Update `2020-09-27`.

Basic Shortcuts

complete: Attempt to perform completion on the text before point. [more]
Newline: Send a newline (\n)
interrupt (kill): The current foreground process running in in the terminal. [more]
end-of-file (EOF): If there are no chars on the line, Readline returns EOF
susp­end: stop the program execution. fg to resume, jobs -l to list and kill <id­> to close it [more]
previous-history: Move ‘backward’ through the history list, fetching the previous command.
next-history: Move ‘forward’ through the history list, fetching the next command.
reverse-search-history: Search 'backward' through the history. This is an incremental-search.
begi­nni­ng-­of-­line: Move to the start of the line.
endi­ng-­of-­line: Move to the end of the line
back­war­d-w­ord: Move backward a word
back­war­d-c­har: Move backward a character.
forw­ard­-wo­rd: Move forward a word
forw­ard­-ch­ar: Move forward a character.
unix­-li­ne-­dis­card: Kill 'backward' from the cursor to the beginning of the current line.
kill­-li­ne: Kill 'forward' from the cursor to the end of the current line.
dele­te-­bac­kwa­rd-­word: Kill the word behind point
dele­te-­for­war­d-w­rord: Kill from point to the end of the current word
clear-screen: Clear the screen, reprinting the current line at the top.
(C-x C-u)
undo: Increm­ental undo, separately remembered for each line.
revert-line: Undo all changes made to this line. This is like executing the undo command enough times to get back to the beginning.
yank: Yank the top of the kill-ring into the buffer at point. [more]
yank­-pop: Rotate the kill-ring, and yank the new top. You can only do this if the prior command is yank or yank-­pop.
transmit off (XOFF): Stops the data flow from the keyboard [more]
transmit on (XON): Enable the data flow and release all the info contained [more]
(C-): Control key = Ctrl
(M-): Meta key [] = Alt, [] = Opt (check Notes)
It is a loose convention that (C-) operate on chars while (M-) operate on words. [more]
‘Cut’ and ‘paste’ are more recent jargon for ‘kill’ and ‘yank’.


Last Update 2020-­09-07 | Im_tavo


For Firefox users: Cheath­ography uses a preload option to load the icons and firefox disable it by default. To enable it. Write this in the URL bar about­:co­nfig, search the netwo­rk.p­re­load option and set it true
You can find more info in this link [more]
For Mac users: The Meta key is setted to the ESC, but you can set the Opt key as well. Just open the terminal and go to
Terminal > Settings > Basic Default > Keyboard > Use option as meta key
If you need more inform­ation, read this tutorial [more]
Spanish Keyboard Mac users: There are some users that say that the config­uration of Opt key above can disable some keys like ~#¬]}\|
For Windows user There are some ways tu use the bash shortcuts in terminal. if you want to use the native powers­hell, check this page to see how to use Bash shortcuts
I really loved doing this cheats­heet, I expect that it could helps you

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