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Business Accumen Cheat Sheet by [deleted]

General Topics - Business Accumen

Business Drivers



Raise Price
Sell More
Lower Costs
Profit = Revenue - Cost

Profit Metrics

Gross Profit = Revenu­e-Costs of Goods Sold
Operating Income = Gross Profit - Overhead
Net Income / Profit = Op Income - Taxes

The Big Picture

The big picture of our main job: Contribute to Building a company experi­encing long-term, sustai­nable, profitable growth.
How what we do fits into the overall picture of helping the company make money, achieve its strategic object­ives, and be profit­able.
Focus on overall business, not the operations of my department of division.
Senior management team wants the entire business to be profit­able, not just a single unit.

Cash Sources

Cash from Operations
Cash from Investing
Cash from Financing

Why Cash?

Interests Payments
Operating Expenses
Capital Expenses
Opport­unities (acqui­sit­ions)


Is the present value of the future cash streams from investment greater than the cash invest­ment?
- Cash Invested
- Future Cash streams (Amount, Time)
- Discount Rate

Financial Statements

Cash Flow Statement: Cash
Income Statement: Profit­/Growth /People
Balance Sheet: assets

Asset Strength

Refers to a company's ability to stay viable during the ups and downs of the market place.
Current Ratio
Debt to Equity Ratio
Casha Balance

Asset Utilis­ation

Refers to a company's ability to effici­ently and effect­ively use its assets to generate profits.
Return on Assets (ROA)
Inventory Turnover
Return on Equity (ROE)


Organic Growth
Inorganic Growth
- Sales (Top Line)
- Profit (Bottom Line)
- Shareh­older Value


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