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Qlikview v10 Reference Keyboard Shortcuts by

Reference cheat sheet for Qlikview : shortcut keys, tips and tricks, examples

Qlikview v10 file handling

New document
Open Document
Open Document on server
Save Document
Save Document as

Qlikview v10 selection keys

Open Current Selections view
ctrl + Q
Back in selections
shift + leftarrow
Forward in selections
shift + rightarrow
Lock the object selection
ctrl + L
Lock all selections
ctrl + shift + L
Uock the object selection
ctrl + U
Unlock all selections
ctrl + shift + U
Clear (Delete) the object selection
ctrl + D
Clear (Delete) all selections
ctrl + shift + D

Qlikview v10 edit shortcut keys

Undo layout change
Ctrl + Z
Redo layout change
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + X
Ctrl + C
Ctrl + V
Activate All
Ctrl + A
Ctrl + F
Advanced Find
Shift + Ctrl + F

Qlikview v10 F Keys

Activates context sensitive help
Enters search mode
Activates the sheet tab to the left of the active one
Activates the leftmost tab
ctrl + F6
Activates the sheet tab to the right of the active one
Activates the rightmost tab
ctrl + F7
Save as

Qlikview v10 actions keys

Print document
ctrl + P
Print as PDF
ctrl + shift + P
Edit script
ctrl + E
Reload data
ctrl + R
Partial reload data
ctrl + shift + R
Table viewer
ctrl + T
Show/Hide grid
ctrl + G
Open User Prefer­ences
ctrl + alt + U
Open Document Properties
ctrl + alt + D
Open Sheet Properties
ctrl + alt + S
Open Variable Overview
ctrl + alt + V
Open Expression Overview
ctrl + alt + E
Properties of the selected object(s)
alt + enter
Edit Module
ctrl + M
ctrl + alt + A
Add Bookmark
ctrl + B
More Bookmark
ctrl + shift + B

Qlikview v10 set analysis identi­fiers

Empty set
Full set of all the records
Current selection
Previous selection
Forward selection
Bookmark ID or name

Qlikview v10 set analysis operators

Exclusion (first but not the other)
Inters­ection (both)
Symmetric difference (either but not both)

Qlikview v10 set analysis modifiers

<Or­derDate = Delive­ryD­ate>
Select only data where field1 = field2
<Field = {value­}>
Select specific value
<Region = >
Ignore the specific field
<Ye­ar=­{2000}, Region = {"U*­"­}>
Two fields can be filtered, with wildcards

Qlikview v10 script edition keys

Go to line number in the script
ctrl + G
List of keyboard shortcuts
ctrl + Q,S,C
Comment lines in script
ctrl + K,C
Uncomment lines in script
ctrl + K,U
Add tab in script
ctrl + Q,T,A
Promote active tab
ctrl + Q,T,P
Demote active tab
ctrl + Q,T,D
Rename active tab
ctrl + Q,T,N
Remove active tab
ctrl + Q,T,R
Creates an autoge­nerated script
ctrl + Q,Q
Opens Unicode input utility
ctrl + Q,U,I
Creates a script for reading jpg attributes
ctrl + Q,J,P,G
Creates a script for reading mp3 attributes
ctrl + Q,M,P,3
Creates a script for reading wma attributes
ctrl + Q,W,M,A
ctrl + K,C means ctrl + K then ctrl + C

Qlikview v10 set analysis examples

sum(sales) or sum({$} sales)
sales in current selection
sum({1} sales}) or sum({1} Total sales})
sales disreg­arding the selection or disreg­arding selection and dimension
sum({$­<Or­derDate = Delive­ryD­ate­>} sales)
sales in current selection for a specific date
sum({1­<Region = {US}>} sales)
total sales for region=US
sum({<­Region = >} sales)
sales in selection with region removed (idem $)
sum({$­<Ye­ar=­{2000}, Region = {"U*­"­}>} sales)
current selection but year forced to 2000 and region like U*
sum({$­<Year = {$(vLa­stY­ear­)}>} sales)
sales related to a variable
p({<Ye­ar=­{$(­=ma­x(Y­ear­)-1­)}>} customer)
returns customers who are possible for last year
e({<Ye­ar=­{$(­=ma­x(Y­ear­)-1­)}>} customer)
returns customers who are excluded for last year


Brilliant cheat sheet, fred! You're on a roll! :)

great stuff
but there is something import missing (an also a little mistake) in the QlikView Set Analysis Examples:

sum({1} sales}) .. only disregarding the selection (so not total)

sum({1} Total sales) .. disregarding the selection and dimension

maybe you can fix it


great stuff, thanks !
but please fix:
sum({1} sales) .. only disregarding selection
and please add:
sum({1} total sales) .. disregarding both selection and dimension


Thank you!

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