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It is a way instructing students by providing them with comments or observations in regards of how they perform while doing a task.


It is a way instru­cting students by providing them with comments or observ­ations in regards of how they perform while doing a task.

It can be clasified into positive and negative

Positive feedback:
Negative feedback:
Consist on telling the students when they perform well, also increases motivation through the praise they receive by the teacher. Teachers use words like: good, all right, okay,very good, etcetera.
Consist on fixing the way how students performed by letting them know when they made an error, often by repeating or rephrasing what the students responde using a rising intona­tion.

Feedback should be:

1. Regular and standa­rdized
2. Balance and structured
3. Positive and honest
“There is no failure. Only feedback.”
– Robert Allen



Teachers can:
Try not to:
Provide resources to students they can practice on they own.
Over praise.
Give overall comments on students perfor­mance.
Give bad advice.
Encourage students so they kept motivated
Ignore students mistakes.

Tech­niques for giving feedback

Ask-Te­ll-Ask: Helps students to identify their own strengths and areas for improv­ement, by telling them what went well and the things that can improve.
Sandwich Technique: Giving positive comments of the student work emphas­ising strengths, so to start pointing out the things that didn't go well, and to follow up with and explan­ation of how he can improve that, and how in the past the students had been able to do so, again emphas­ising students strengths.
Rubrics: Using rubrics to give feedback when performing a task can focus in different aspects, such as tone of voice, fluency, vocabu­lary, teachers can make notes so they can tell and show students the rubric.


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