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Feedback and Techniques

What is Feedback?

In teaching, feedback refers to comments or other inform­ation that learners receive concerning their success on learning tasks or test, either from the teacher or other person.

Positive and Negative Feedback

Positive Feedback - affirming comments about past behaviour. Focuses on behaviour that was successful and should be continued
Negative feedback – corrective comments about past behaviour. Focuses on behaviour that wasn’t successful and shouldn’t be repeated.
Example - Is delivered contin­gently
Example - Is delivered randomly or unsyst­ema­tically
Example - Praise
Example - Over/U­nder/No Praise

How to Give Effective Feedback

Use affi­rma­tion with all students, but make sure you are affirming their perfor­mance rather than praising them as people.
Use correct and direct feedback to help inexpe­rienced and struggling students with a particular task.
Point out the process when you want to help your students use your feedback to complete similar tasks in the future.
Coach experi­enced and gifted students to critique themse­lves.

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