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Awesome Window Manager 3.x Cheat Sheet by

Default shortcuts for awesome window manager ( The list is copied from awesome man-page.


Config­uration file is $XDG_C­ONF­IG_HOME1/aweso­me/­rc.lua
1 should be $HOME/.config

Mouse Buttons

Middle (scrol­l-wheel click)
Scroll­-wheel up
Scroll­-whell down
For a classical right-­handled mouse


Windows key
For a classical PC keyboard

Window Manager Control (Keyboard)

Mod4 + Control + r
Restart awesome.
Mod4 + Shift + q
Quit awesome.
Mod4 + r
Run prompt.
Mod4 + x
Run Lua code prompt.
Mod4 + Return
Spawn terminal emulator.
Mod4 + w
Open main menu.

Clients (Keyboard)

Mod4 + m
Maximize client.
Mod4 + n
Minimize client.
Mod4 + Control + n
Restore client.
Mod4 + f
Set client fullsc­reen.
Mod4 + Shift + c
Kill focused client.
Mod4 + t
Set client on-top.

Navigation (Mouse)

Button1 on tag name
View tag
Button4, Button5 on tag name
Switch to previous or next tag.
Button4, Button5 on root window
Switch to previous or next tag.
Button1, Button3, Button4, Button5 on layout symbol
Switch to previous or next layout.

Navigation (Keyboard)

Mod4 + j
Focus next client.
Mod4 + k
Focus previous client.
Mod4 + u
Focus first urgent client.
Mod4 + Left
View previous tag.
Mod4 + Right
View next tag.
Mod4 + 1-9
Switch to tag 1-9.
Mod4 + Control + j
Focus next screen.
Mod4 + Control + k
Focus previous screen.
Mod4 + Escape
Focus previously selected tag set.

Layout Modifi­cation (Mouse)

Mod4 + Button1 on tag name
Tag current client with this tag only.
Mod4 + Button3 on tag name
Toggle this tag for client.
Button3 on tag name
Add this tag to current view.
Mod4 + Button1 on client window
Move window.
Mod4 + Button3 on client window
Resize window.

Layout Modifi­cation Key Bindings

Mod4 + Shift + j
Switch client with next client.
Mod4 + Shift + k
Switch client with previous client.
Mod4 + o
Send client to next screen.
Mod4 + h
Decrease master width factor by 5%.
Mod4 + l
Increase master width factor by 5%.
Mod4 + Shift + h
Increase number of master windows by 1.
Mod4 + Shift + l
Decrease number of master windows by 1.
Mod4 + Control + h
Increase number of columns for non-master windows by 1.
Mod4 + Control + l
Decrease number of columns for non-master windows by 1.
Mod4 + space
Switch to next layout.
Mod4 + Shift + space
Switch to previous layout.
Mod4 + Control + space
Toggle client floating status.
Mod4 + Control + Return
Swap focused client with master.
Mod4 + Control + 1-9
Toggle tag view.
Mod4 + Shift + 1-9
Tag client with tag.
Mod4 + Shift + Control + 1-9
Toggle tag on client.

Personal shortcuts

This is an empty section where you can put your personal shortcuts


Good job ! Awesome is a very nice window manager (similar to my favorite, DWM).


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