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Vim Regexp Cheat Sheet by

Special char NOT requiring escape

Escape next character
Any char
0 or more quantifier
Match last given substitute string
Match range
Not range
In replac­ement: insert whole matched pattern
Interp­reted as regular expression operator without escaping (escape to match literal)

Special char requiring escape

Beginning of a word
End of word
Separate altern­ative
Any single char or end-of­-line
1 or more quantifier
0 or 1 quantifier
or or 1 quantifier
n to m quantifier
n quantifier
at least n quantifier
0 to m quantifier
Interp­reted as regular expression operators only when escaped (otherwize will be interp­reted as literals).

Useful examples

delete all lines matching pattern
delete empty lines
s/<­pat­ter­n>/new &/
Replace pattern by "new <whole matched patter­n>"
Replace pattern by content of register "­a"
Count nb occurence of pattern

Look around assertions

positive look behind
negative look behind
positive look ahead
negative look ahead
Must follow a group matching what to look behind or ahead (ex: \(<­pat­ter­n>­\)\@­<=)

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