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tmux the terminal multiplexer Cheat Sheet by

Still work in progress, comments welcome.inspired by interesting:


prefix key (default C-b)
intera­ctive dialog (promt)
detach session
tmux restore
restore session
: source­-file ~/.tmu­x.conf
reload .tmux.conf
big clock
list bindings

Session handling

start new
tmux new -s myname
start new with name
tmux a -t
reattach session (or at, or attach)
tmux a -t myname
reattach named session
tmux ls
list sessions
tmux kill-s­ession -t myname
kill named session
new session
list sessions
name session
tmux kill-s­erver
kill server and all sessions

custom­izing tmux

set-option -g prefix C-a
rebind the Ctrl-b prefix to Ctrl-a
-g for global => every window
bind-key C-a last-w­indow
switch to last active window
To use hit Ctrl-a twice
unbind %
Remove default split binding
bind | split-­window -h
bind vertical splitting to |
bind – split-­window -v
bind horizontal splitting to -
set -g status-bg black
set -g status-fg white
set -g status­-left ‘#[fg=­gre­en]#H’
beginning of statusbar hostname in green
set-wi­ndo­w-o­ption -g window­-st­atu­s-c­urr­ent-bg red
current window shown in red
set -g status­-right ‘#[fg=­yel­low­]#(­uptime | cut -d “,” -f 2-)’
number of users and load average for computer
setw -g monito­r-a­ctivity on
highlight window with new activity
set -g visual­-ac­tivity on
show info on new activity
setw -g automa­tic­-rename on
set window title to current command

Basic Window Handling

new window
rename window
next window
previous window
previously selected window
list all windows
move to window number [0-9]
f [window name]
find window
: list-w­indows
list windows
kill window
move window

Advanced Window Handling

move-w­indow [ −d] [ −s src-wi­ndow] [ −t dst-wi­ndow]
swap-w­indow [ -d] [ -s src-wi­ndow] [ -t dst-wi­ndow]

Pane Window Handling

:joinp -s :2
move window 2 into a new pane in the current window
:joinp -t :1
move the current pane into a new pane in window 1

Vim like commands

bind s split-­window -v
bind v split-­window -h
bind h select­-pane -L
motion keys
bind j select­-pane -D
motion keys
bind k select­-pane -U
motion keys
bind l select­-pane -R
motion keys
setw -g mode-keys vi
vim motion keys while in copy mode
bind - resize­-pane -D 1
resize pane down by 1
bind + resize­-pane -U 1
resize pane up by 1
bind < resize­-pane -L 1
resize pane to left by 1
bind > resize­-pane -R 1
resize pane to right by 1

Basic Pane Handling

split vertically
: split-­window
split horizo­ntally
go to next pane (down-­pane)
show pane number, press number to go to
move current pane left
move current pane right
kill pane

Advanced Pane Handling

toggle through layouts
take a pane and make own window
focus stays
resize pane down
by 20 cells
-U (20)
resize up (by 20 cells)
-L (20)
resize left (by 20 cells)
-R (20)
resize right (by 20 cells)
-t 2 20
pane with id 2 down by 20

tmux info

list bindings
Set pane title
printf '\033]­2;%­s\0­33\\' 'title goes here'

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Most important key is missing: Ctrl-b

bechtold bechtold, 23:59 27 Apr 14

Under customizing you see, that I bound it to Control-b. I thought this is so basic, one should know at least this. But I add it now. Thx

Hi you propably forgot the most important:
C-b :setw synchronize-panes
..which allows you to type simultaneously in different panes.

bechtold bechtold, 12:21 4 Sep 15

Good thing, I will try and then add this. But so far I have not hat the situation where I needed this :-)

Why is this cheatsheet divided into 2 pages, when it could fit in 1?

bechtold bechtold, 12:22 4 Sep 15

I have no clue. I don't think that I have influence on this. This seems to be pdf-generation-magic.

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