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FISH 7(oz) Cheat Sheet by


Atlantic Salmon ( Grilled )
Mashed & Veg
Lemon Dill
Atlantic Salmon (Blkend)
Coconut Rice & Veg
Sweet Chili
Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
Mashed & Veg
WhiteFish Milanese
Pamesan Panko Crust
mashed & Arugula Salad
Yuzu Beurre Blanc
Crispy Fried georges Bank Cod
guiness Beer Battered
French Fris & Coleslaw
yellowfin tuna poke
Ginger­,ch­ili­es,­nori, Avocado, Macadamia nuts, soy Sauce
White Rice & Asian Salad
Soy Sauce, Sirachi Ailoli
Yellowfin Tuna Shashimi (Sesam­e,P­lai­n,P­epp­er,­Bla­cken)
Pickled Ginger & Wasbi
Fried Rice & Veg of Day
Soy Sauce
Chilean Sea Bass
Shitake Mushrooms, Red and Green Peppers, scallions
coconut White Rice & Veg
Hawiian Ginger Scallion Sauce
Georges Bank Cod
pea,Leeks Blue Crab Meat (20z)
Red Skin Potatoe & Asperagus
Lemon aioli
Alaskan Halibut
Shrimp Risotto ,
Rice & sauted Spinach
Smoked Tomatoe broth
Alaskan Halibut (Almon­dine)
Tomatoes , Capers , Parsley , Lemon
Coconut White Rice & French Green Beans
Browned Butter
catch 35 Mixed Grill
1/2 Lobster Tail, 4 Shrimp,4oz Salmon
Mash + Grilled Asparagus
Yuzu Beurre Blanc
SwordFish (Blkend)
3 Florida Shrimp
Bacon Roasted Potatoes , Sauted Spinach
Cilantro Pesto
Swordfish (Picatta )
capers , tomatoes , Spinach
Mash + Grilled Aspergus
Caper white wine butter sauce
All Fish 7oz


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