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Marthas vineyard
red leaf letuce , Red onion , pine buts, crumbled bleu cheese diced tomatoes
rasberry vinerg­erette
caesar Salad ( Ckn & Blkn or Grilled Salmon­,Fried Calamari
romaine lettuce, pamesan cheese
soughdough croutons
house mix greens
waterc­ress, boston lettuce, baby spinach, frisee
diced tomatoes carrot strings
tomato basil vinerg­ertte
Maytag Salad
Spring mix Candied walnut­s,Grpe tomatoes, maytag blue cheese
Sliced pear
tomatoe Basil
salt roasted beet salad
Salt Roasted beets, whipped goat cheese, crushed pistachio
Baby greens
Balsamic Vinergette
Heirloom tomatoe & Fresh Mozzarella
thai Basil,­pickld shallots,
sourdough croutons
extra virgin olive oil tomato basail vinerg­erette
Catch 35 Chopped (Salmon or Blk Sal. or grilled Ckn
Iceberg lettuce, bacon , blue cheese, egg, avocado, grape tomatoe , corn, Roasted Red peppers
Spicy Cesar
Wood grilled Beef Tenderloin Salad ( 3 , 1.5 Tenderloin )
Mixed Greens, maytag Blue Cheese, Red onions, Egg Tomatoe, Crispy onions, Scallions,
Dijon Vin
House Wedge
Iceberg Lettuce, baby Spinac­h,N­ueske Bacon, Tomato­e,hard boiled egg , Grilled aspargus, Maytag Blue Cheese
Wild Florida Shrimp Wegde
Iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, Red onions, Tomatoe, Hard boiled Egg, grilled aparagus,
Atlantic Salmon Wedge ( Grld or Blknd Salmon )
iceberg lettuce , baby spinach, hard boiled egg, grilled aspargus, tomatoe,
Mine Lobster
Iceberg lettuce, Baby Spinach, Nueske bacon, tomatoe, hard biled egg, grilled aspergus, Maytag blue Cheese

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