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ScalingVLANS+EtherChannel Cheat Sheet by


VTP Domain:
vtp domain domai­nNa­me
VTP Mode:
vtp mode mode
(Modes: server, client, transp­arent)
VTP Password:
vtp password passw­ord
Show status:
show vtp status


Select an interface range to group:
inte­rface range
startInterface - endIn­ter­face
Set the range into a group:
chan­nel­-group number mode mode
(modes: desirable, auto)
Activate range:
no shutdown
Access port-g­roup:
inte­rface port-c­hannel port-­group number
With PAgP you can now enter your switchport commands to configure the link to your liking
Show commands:
show run interface inter­face

show interfaces inter­face switchport

show etherc­hannel summary


Select interface:
inte­rface inter­face
Switchport mode:
swit­chport mode mode
(Modes: trunk, access, dynamic desira­ble­/auto)
Show trunking config:
show interfaces trunk


Interface range:
inte­rface range
startInt. - endIn­t.
Switchport commands:
swit­chport mode mode
With LACP you first need to configure the links before bundeling
Set group:
chan­nel­-group 2 mode mode
(modes: auto, passive)


Create VLAN:
vlan number
Name VLAN:
name VLANn­ame
Assign Port to VLAN:
swit­chport access vlan number
Create SVI (Switch Virtual Interf­ace):
inte­rface vlan number
ip address ip subnet­mask


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