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IntelliJ IDEA Keyboard Shortcuts by


Ctrl + /
Comment line
Ctrl + Shift + /
Comment block
Ctrl + D
Duplicate line
Alt + Shift + Down/Up
Move line
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Down/Up
Move whole statement
Ctrl + - (number pad)
Collapse block
Ctrl + + (number pad)
Expand Block
Ctrl + Shift + +/- (number pad)
Collap­se/­Expand whole file


Ctrl + A
Select whole file
Ctrl + W
Extend selection to next code block
Ctrl + Shift + W
Shrinks selection
Alt + J
Select next occurrence
Alt + Shift + J
Deselect last occurrence
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + J
Select all occurr­ences in file
Ctrl + Shift + F7
Highlight all usages in file

Code Completion

Ctrl + Space
Suggest (Enter for add/Tab to overwrite)
Ctrl + Space x2
Deeper level of suggestion
Ctrl + Shift + Space
List of matching suggestion
Ctrl + Shift + Space x2
Suggestion in return statement
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Complet statement


Shift + F6
Ctrl + Alt + V
Extract variable or field
Ctrl + Alt + M
Encapsule code in new method
Ctrl + Alt + C
Extract selected expression into a constant
Ctrl + Alt + P
Extract selected expression into a parameter
Ctrl + Alt + T
Surrou­nd/wrap selected code

Code Assistance

Ctrl + P
See method signature
Ctrl + J
Insert live template
Ctrl + Q
See method docume­nta­ntion
Ctrl + Alt + L
Reformat code
Ctrl + Shift + i
See definition
Next highli­ghted error in file
Ctrl + F1
See descri­ption error
Alt + Enter
See suggested solution


Ctrl + N
Search Class
Ctrl + Shift + N
Search File
Jump to source
Ctrl + B
Jump to declar­ation
Ctrl + Alt + B
Jump to implem­ent­ation
Ctrl + F12
See file structure


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