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IntelliJ IDEA Handy Core Shortcuts Cheat Sheet by

Handy core shortcuts for IDEA for beginners to start their journey getting more skilled at IDEA.


go to class
ctrl + N
go to file
ctrl + shift + N
go to symbol
ctrl + shift + alt + N
find action
ctrl + shift + A
search everywhere
shift shift
navigate backwards
ctrl + alt + LEFT
navigate forwards
ctrl + alt + RIGHT
go to declar­ation
ctrl + B or ctrl + CLICK
go to implem­ent­ation
ctrl + alt + B or ctrl + alt + CLICK


run last thing that was run
ctrl + F10
run test at cursor
ctrl + shift + F10
debug last thing that was run
ctrl + F9
debug test at cursor
alt + shift + F9
go to tests / back to code
ctrl + shift + T


shift + F6
change signature
ctrl + F6
extract variable
ctrl + alt + V
extract parameter
ctrl + alt + P
extract field
ctrl + alt + F
extract constant
ctrl + alt + C
extract method
ctrl + alt + M
refactor menu
ctrl + alt + shift + T


find in file
ctrl + F
replace in file
ctrl + R
find in path
ctrl + shift + F
replace in path
ctrl + shift + R
find usaged
alt + F7


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