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Sickness and Disease Cheat Sheet by

Supplemental Rules covering Sicknesses and Disease in Journey To The Overland

Sickness and Diseases


Certain illnesses or wounds cannot be healed by mere rest, and may require special ‘healing’ or magic to cure them. These illnesses include, but are not limited to:

Swamp Fever: This disease is contracted while travelling through, or camping in swamp terrain. Swamp fever causes a character to suffer -20 from his Muscle score, and -1 from his Endurance for every week that he has it. Swamp fever can either be cured by magic, by a healer, or by ‘drinking the blood of a Wild Boar’ (usually killed during a hunt).

Snake Bite: Snake bites are extremely poisonous. For each bite a character receives he will suffer -5 from his Endurance, each week it goes untreated. Snake bites can only be cured by a Healer, a healing potion, magic, or by amputating the infected limb. If a limb is amputated it will be the leg. A character will then be unable to ride any mount without a ‘carri­age’. He will only be able to crawl at the rate of one hex every two days when travelling on foot unless he uses a ‘crutch’ (They can be bought for 50 silver pieces in any town). He will then be able to move at one hex a day. The character will also suffer -50 from his Agility, and a -30 modifier in any combat.

Malnut­rition: Characters suffering from malnut­rition suffer -3 from their Ability score, for each case of malnut­rition. Once caught a character can only cure his malnut­rition wounds by eating the proper amount of meals missed. Except, these meals must be fresh; caught in a hunt and not bought, otherwise the wounds remain. (Note: malnut­rition is occurs under desert conditions only and is not the same as starvation from missing a daily meal.)

Sunburn: When a character receives sunburn his skin is severely parched resulting in -5 to his Endurance. This damage can only be healed by a healer, healing potions, magic, or by spending one day in a bath of 20 pints of ‘lantern oil’, for every five wounds. Therefore, ten wounds would require spending ‘two days’ in a tub of 40 pints of ‘lantern oil’.


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