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Unit 1: Medieval Europe Cheat Sheet by

Context for AP Euro Content.

To Learn All Countries in Europe

Geography: Regions


Slavic: Eastern
Latin: Western + Southern
* Evolved to French, Spanish, Italian
Germanic: Central + Northern
* Evolved to English


Rhine River

Separates Germany and France.


Most of europe = Western + Central
Latin = Farther south/west {{n}} Columbus spread it to [south] Americas
Eastern + England
US / North America
Middle East and France cuz it used to control Mid East

Geo: The Alps

Mountains. Separates Catholics (Italy) from Germany (Prote­stants)

Danube River


Medieval Europe

Middle ages also known as the Medieval Times represents the period of the Fall of the Roman Empire in 476 C.

Roman Empire: 100 AD

Pax Romana = Roman Peace => Basically any opposition = DEAD ← Shows power
- Most famous Emperor was Julius Caesar — who got assass­inated
Middle Ages: 476 to 1453 CE Also known as the Dark Ages
Started with the fall of the Roman Empire and ended with the rise of the Renais­sance
- Named my Italian Scholars in 15th Century (1400s)

Ancient times ————> Middle Ages ——————­——> Renais­sance

- Ren means “Rebirth
      -> Humanistic revival of classical art + archit­ecture + literature + learning origin­ating in Italy 14th Century, which later spread throughout Europe
14th to 16th Century => Transition from Medieval to Modern Times

Migration of Peoples = 300 - 700
Ethnic groups spread and settles to about where they are today

The Catholic Church
Christ­ianity → integr­ating principle of the Medieval Period
The Church = powerful instit­ution
“Catholic” means “unive­rsal”

Side Note #1:

Great Britain is the ISLAND, while United Kingdom is GB(Sco­tland + England) + Northern Ireland
       “British” is a culture and/or ETHNICITY

Nether­lands speak Dutch (means “German;” Germanic Language); Protestant
Switze­rland speaks German and French


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