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Settlers of Catan Cheat Sheet by

Rules and alternative (house) rules for the awesome board game Settlers of Catan.

Welcome to Catan

Catan - Setup

Hexes are laid out randomly
Numbers are laid on top randomly (no number on the desert)
6s and 8s cannot be next to each other
The robber is placed on the desert hex
The oldest player goes first, and play proceeds clockwise
Each player in turn places their first settlement and a connecting road
When all players have placed their first settle­ment, they then place their second settle­ments
Second settle­ments also have one attached road, and are placed in the reverse order to first settle­ments
The second settle­ments earn resources from their surrou­nding hexes

Catan - The Turn

Part 1: Dice Roll
The player rolls the dice
Any hex with a number matching the roll produces one resource for each settlement (two for each city) bordering it
If you roll a seven, you activate the robber
Part 2: Trade
Trade with other players, ports or the bank
Part 3: Building
Resources can be exchanged for roads, settle­ments, cities or develo­pment cards
Roads must connect to other roads
Each settlement must connect to one of your own roads
Settle­ments cannot be built adjacent to another settlement
Cities are upgraded settle­ments
The turn ends when you pass the dice to your left

Catan - Trading

You may trade with the bank at a 4:1 ratio (4 of the same card for one of your choice)
If you have a settlement at a standard port, you can trade any resource at 3:1
Marked ports allow specific resources to be traded at 2:1, but no other trades
Only the played whose turn it is may offer, or be offered, trades
Players may only trade resource cards (not develo­pment cards)

Catan - The Robber

The robber must be moved to a new hex
A hex with the robber produces no resources
When a seven is rolled, anyone with more than seven resource cards must select half, rounded down, and return them
When you place the robber on a new hex, pick a player with an adjacent settlement and steal a random resource card
The robber is moved when someone rolls a seven or plays a knight card

Catan - Develo­pment Cards

Develo­pment cards can be purchased from the bank
A develo­pment card can be played at any point during your turn (one per turn)
Develo­pment cards cannot be played on the turn they are purchased
Victory Point develo­pment cards should not be played until you are declaring victory!

Catan - Building Costs

Brick, Lumber
Brick, Lumber, Grain, Wool
2 Grain, 3 Ore
Develo­pment Card
Wool, Grain, Ore

Catan - Useful Websites


Catan - Altern­ative Rules: Layout

Hexes stay hidden until bordered by a road or settlement
Numbers stay hidden until bordered by a road or settlement
Hexes and numbers stay hidden until bordered by a road or settlement
You can not start with settle­ments bordering 6s or 8s
6s and 8s must be on unique resources

Catan - Altern­ative Rules: Gameplay

If you roll a double, you get to roll again! Three doubles and you lose your resources.
If a 2 or 12 is rolled, it counts as both a 2 and 12.
If a die rolls off the table, re-roll!
Whenever you place a settlement or city you get a develo­pment card.
Deserts are "­gol­d" - your choice of resource
Unoccupied hexes received resources and the first to build next to a hex collects the accumu­lated cards
Settle­ments can be built next to each other, but cities can not
Settle­ments and cities can be built next to each other

Catan - Altern­ative Rules: Robber

When a 7 is rolled you can put the robber on any hex. If no settle­ments or cities border that hex you can take one of that hex's resource
The robber cannot be moved for the first two rounds
If a 7 is rolled, everyone picks the resource of their choice
The robber cannot be placed on a hex bordered by somebody with only two V.P.s
The robber can remain on the same hex when a seven is rolled or knight is played
When a player rolls a seven or plays a knight, they can be bribed!
The robber only blocks a hex from producing, no cards are lost

Catan - Altern­ative Rules: Win Conditions

To win, you need at least 10 V.P.s, and two more than the next highest scoring player
No hidden V.P.s - V.P. cards must be laid down immedi­ately
First to 4 cities wins
Equal longest roads or largest armies get 1 V.P. each
"­Longest Turn" card, worth -2 V.P.s


In set up, whoever was last to place their first settlement gets to be first to place their second, and then the second-placement continues counter-clockwise. (This is important for balance.)

Says straight in the book "Oldest player goes first" not highest roll.

My set's rules say oldest player goes first in one section and highest roll in another *groan*

Also my rules don't mention that the last player to place an initial settlement places another straight after ... but this is always how I've played it coming to the board game from the video game adaption where this is done and seeing why this rule is necessary.

I guess the people making my edition's manual were a bit lackadaisical.

Thanks for this, I'll surely save it.

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