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How Chess pieces move and a few descriptions of commonly used terms.

Chess Pieces: King, Queen, Bishop

Pieces and board design courtesy of­rtu­alp­iec­

Chess Pieces: Knight, Rook, Pawn


Chess Defini­tions

Castle -- For an unmoved King to move two squares towards an unmoved Rook, and the Rook to move to the King's other side. The King may not be moved in, though, or out of check. No other pieces may be between the King and the Rook.
Check -- The player's King is in danger of being captured
Checkmate -- The player's King is unable to get out of danger. Game ends in a loss.
En Passant (In Passing) -- Pawn moving two squares may be captured by adjacent Pawns as though it only moved only one square, but only on the immedi­ately following turn.
Files -- Columns on a board, denoted by letters a to h, from White's left to right
Promotion -- A Pawn advancing to their farthest rank is replaced by the owning player's choice of Bishop, Knight, Rook, or Queen.
Ranks -- Rows on a board denoted by numbers from 1 to 8, from White's side row to Black's side row
Stalemate -- Occurs when the active player has no legal moves, but isn't in check. Game ends in a draw.
Wikipedia played a large roll in the gathering of this inform­ation.


Wow, great cheat sheet Levi!

Bit of a shame about the left column extending to the second page for just a line, but unfortunately that's the downside to the current PDF generator - not brilliant pagination.

Forgot to say, I'd be tempted to add a little bit about chess notation - that's something I'm still not entirely sure about :)

wattslevi wattslevi, 10:02 28 Nov 11

RE: PDF Generator to page 2
It is easy enough to tell it to only print page one.

RE: Chess Notation
I see this sheet as a how to play, and there are still castling and maybe en passant to cover. I agree that Chess notation would be valuable. Alas, I'm wracking my brain to think of a sheet's worth of advance chess features. ELO rating to title name comes to mind, but those two together would likely only be one column.

DaveChild DaveChild, 12:05 6 May 14

I finally got around to doing a chess notation cheat sheet - might be a nice accompaniment to this one!

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