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Basic Rules for Rivals of Catan

Rivals of Catan

Rivals - Setup

Shuffle the region stack and the Basic Set
Remove the Yule card from the event cards and shuffle the remaining event cards face down
Place 3 event cards face down. Place the Yule card face down on top of these 3 cards, then place the remaining event cards on top of the stack
Place the 4 stacks containing roads, settle­ments, regions, and cities face down between the players
Divide the Basic Set cards into 4 stacks of 9 cards each and place them next to the city card stack
Pick your starting cards (the cards with the blue or red shields) and place your
princi­pality aligned towards you

Event Die


The Turn

Part 1: Roll the Dice
The active player rolls both the event die and the production die
Each region with a number matching the production die's roll produces 1 resource
Increase a region's resources by rotating the card CCW once, displaying the number of resources stored at the bottom closest the player
Resolve the event die result1
Part 2: Take Your Action Phase
Play cards from your hand
Play center cards (roads, settle­ments, cities, and regions)
Trade 3 resources of the same type for 1 resource of a different type2
Part 3: Replenish Your Hand
Draw up to or discard down to 3 cards
Hand-size may increase 1 card per Progress Point
Part 4: Exchange a Card from Your Hand
You may exchange 1 card by placing it under a draw stack and then:
Draw a random card OR
Pay 2 resources to search 1 draw stack for a card of your choice. Do not shuffle stack
Cards you exchange cannot be used immedi­ately
1Brigand Attack will resolve before players receive resources
2Players may only trade with the bank or by using a trade ship (rate of 2:1 for specific resour­ces), and not with other players unless indicated by an event card, action or event die roll

Play Cards from Your Hand

Actions cards may be played during your turn for no cost
Add an expansion from your hand to a empty building site above or below a settle­ment/ city and pay building costs
2 types of expansion cards: Building and Units
2 types of units: Heroes and Ships
Cards marked (1x): You may only have 1 of this type of card in your princi­pality


Strength Point
Blue Axe
3 or more points gives a player the Strength Advantage and 1 VP
Commerce Point
Yellow Scales
3 or more points gives a player the Trade Advantage and 1 VP
Skill Point
Green Harp
Player with the majority receives 1 resource of their choice when the Celebr­ation event is rolled
Progress Point
Purple Book
Increase hand size by 1 per progress point
If a player has the streng­th/­trade advantage and their streng­th/­com­merce point fall below 3 or below your oppone­nt's, they remove the token from their princi­pality

Expanding - Play the Center Cards

Building a settlement automa­tically gains a player 2 regions (drawn from the top of the region deck)
New regions are positioned diagonally on each corner of the new settlement
The space above & space below a settlement are reserved for Buildings & Units
Spaces directly left or right are for building additional roads
Cities are placed over existing settle­ments
Cities have 4 building sites for expansion cards (2 above & 2 below)
Settlement are worth 1 VP
Cities are worth 2 VP (Do not count the settlement beneath)
Settle­ments must be separated by at least 1 road


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