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Wonders of the Arboretum Cheat Sheet by

Alternative rules for Arboretum, to play it as a card drafting game like 7 Wonders.

What is Wonders of the Arboretum?

Arboretum is an awesome card game by Dan Cassar.
7 Wonders is an awesome card drafting game by Antoine Bauza.
This is their lovechild, product of wine and sleep-­dep­riv­ation.
It's a simple card drafting game which borrows from both parent games to create something horrific but simple and fun.

I Like Numbers

15-20 mins per player
* It's not like this is official. If you want to play with 4 players, try using nine suits and playing two rounds instead.


Take three suits of cards per player, plus one*, and shuffle them together
Deal each player eight cards at random. Leave the rest to the side for the moment
Open a beer, pour a glass of wine, get the nachos ... you're ready
* For two players, use seven suits. For three players, use ten suits.

How To Play - The Turn

Each turn, each player must select a card from their hand to play
Players have two ways to play cards:
- They may add a card to their Arboretum, following placement rules from Arboretum
- They may discard a card
They place their chosen card face-down in front of them
When all players have selected their card, they either add it to their Arboretum or discard it
They pass the remaining cards to the player on their left*
The final card of each hand of eight is discarded
When all cards are played or discarded, the next hand of eight is dealt and play continues
The game last three rounds (this means eight cards from the deck will never be in play)
* Alternate passing direction between rounds.

How To Play - Scoring

Scoring is as per the normal rules of Arboretum, with the following except­ions:
- The person with the highest total points from a suit in their Arboretum earns the "­Right to Score" for that suit*
- Paths in a suit for which the owner does not have the "­Right to Score" earn just 2 points
- Three bonus points are earned for playing 21 cards to the table (no optional discards)
- 1 bonus point for starting with a 1, as normal
- Minus two (-2) bonus points for ending a path with an 8 (yes, really!)
* For example, if players are trying to work out who scores Oak, they add up the total value of all of their Oak cards in play. Whoever has the highest total scores their best Oak path.


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