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World Public Health Nutrition Congress (Panopto) Cheat Sheet by

A quick reference guide for Panopto recordings at the Healthcare Conference 2024

1) Prepare the computer

Turn on (Restart if already on)

2) Download Presen­tation

Go to "­tin­y.c­c/w­phn­c20­24" again (you should then see the "WPHNC 2024 Content page")
Download presen­tation

3) Open Panopto

Click on link "Load Panopto Recorder"
Select "Blackboard Ultra" from dropdown menu
Click on "Create"
Click "Panopto for Window"
Click "Open Panopto"
Click "Open Panopto Recorder"

4) Setting up Panopto

Enter the following inform­ation into the Panopto window
Folder "WPHNC 2024"
Name "-Copy title of presen­tation file and paste into here-"
Video "-Select the correct camera for the room-"
Audio "-Select the correct microphone for the room-"
Quality "Ultra"
Tick "Capture Computer Audio"
Untick "Capture PowerPoint"
Tick "Capture Main Screen"
Resolution "1920x1080"
fps "25"
kbps "2500"

5) Setting Audio Levels

Make sure the Microphone is in the correct position (not covered)
Get the Speaker to speak as they would during the presen­tation
Adjust the level so there's no Peeking (no Red, only Green and Yellow)

6) Setting PowerPoint

Open the Presen­tation (in PowerP­oint)
go to Slideshow (top tab)
Untick Use Presenter View

7) Start Panopto Recording

Go to Panopto
Click Record (Red button) Check recording counter has started
Go to PowerPoint
Open the presen­tation in Full screen mode or Press F5


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