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jasmine JS testing Cheat Sheet by

DOM-less simple JavaScript testing framework

jasmine statements

describe( label, functi­on(){ ... })
group tests together
it( label, functi­on(){ ... })
label individual test
expect( actual )
used to compare against expected values
beforeEach(funct­ion(){ ... })
run prior to each it in the describe
afterEach(funct­ion() { ... })
run after each it in the describe
xdescribe( label, functi­on(){ ... })
skip section ( note the x )
xit( label, functi­on(){ ... })
skip test ( note the x )

jasmine matchers

to(Not)Be( null | true | false )
to(Not­)Equal( value )
to(Not­)Match( regex | string )
to(Not­)Co­ntain( string )
toBeLe­ssThan( number )
toBeGr­eat­erThan( number )
toBeCl­oseTo( number, precision )
Matchers can be chained with a not between the actual and assertion.

jasmine double­s/spies

spyOn( obj, method­_string )­ubbed.calls
call object­ubb­ed.c­al­ls[0].args
toHave­Bee­nCa­lle­dWith( array )
spy and delegate to real object
andReturn( value )
andCal­lFake(funct­ion() { ... })
jasmine.createSpy( id )
jasmine.create­SpyObj( baseName, methods[] )
jasmine.any( constr­uctor )



Thank you! :)

Can you create a cheat sheet for Jasmine 2.x?

The list is not complete. There are no "ddescribe", "iit" and perhaps other methods.

"ddescribe" and "iit" were renamed to "fdescribe" and "fit". (The f standing for focus)

Helpfull cheat sheet, Thank you.

Beware, this cheat sheet contain hidden characters, so direct copy paste to Visual Studio will result in "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL" exception when running JavaScript in the Browser.

Thanks! great list, the syntax is outdated. spyOn now uses dot for callThrough and returnValue such that .andCallThrough became .and.callThrough

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