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IRC Commands and Permissions Cheat Sheet by

Basic IRC Commands

User Commands

/invite nickname #channel
Invite a specified user to a channel
/join #channel
Join a channel on the network
/kick #channel nickname reason
Kicks a user from a channel.
/list [value]
List all visible channels on the network. Secret (mode +s) channels are not listed.
/msg nickname message
Send a private message to another user on the network.
/nick nickname
Changes your current nickname on the network
/part #channel
Leave a channel on the network
/topic #channel topic
Change the topic of a registered channel
/whois nickname
Retrieve inform­ation about the nickname currently on the network.

Channel Permis­sions

+b : Ban /mode #channel +b nickname
Grant #channel ban to nickname
-b : No Ban /mode #channel -b nickname
Revoke #channel ban from nickname
+o : Operator /mode #channel +o nickname
Grant #channel operator to nickname
-o : No Operator /mode #channel -o nickname
Revoke #channel operator from nickname
+v : Voice /mode #channel +v
Grant #channel voice to nickname
-v : No Voice /mode #channel -v nickname
Revoke #channel voice from nickname

Channel Modes

+i : Invite /mode #channel +i
Users can only join if /invite is used.
-i : No Invite /mode #channel -i
Any user can join channel
+k : Key /mode #channel +k keyvalue
Only users with key have access to channel
-k : No Key /mode #channel -k keyvalue
Removes the keyvalue key from channel
+l : Limit /mode #channel +l N
Sets maximum number (N) of users allowed to join channel
-l : No Limit /mode #channel -l N
Removes maximum number (N), allowing an unlimited number of users to join channel
+m : Moderate /mode #channel +m
Only users with a voice (+v) can speak in the channel
-m : No Moderate /mode #channel -m
Anyone can speak in the channel
+n : No Outside Messages /mode #channel +n
No one outside the channel can post a message to the channel
-n : Outside Messages /mode #channel -n
Anyone outside the channel can post a message to the channel
+s : Secret /mode #channel +s
Secret channel - will not show in a /list
-s : No Secret /mode #channel -s
Remove secret - channel will show in a /list
+t : Topic /mode #channel +t
Topic Locked - only channel ops can change topic.
-t : No Topic /mode #channel -t
Topic Unlocked - anyone can change the channel topic


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