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EE Parse Order Cheat Sheet by

ExpressionEngine Parse Order cheatsheet

Step 0

Read URI to determine template
Get template from DB, check permis­sions & authen­tic­ation
Get template from file
Return static template


Thanks to Lodewijk Schutte (@low) for the inform­ation in this cheats­heet. His original PDF can be found at http:/­/lo­web­­m/d­own­loa­ds/­ee-­par­se-­ord­er.pdf

Step 1

Parse snippets / global variables
Parse segment variables
Parse embeds
Parse date string constants
Parse {templ­ate­_ed­it_­date} and {curre­nt_­time}
Parse global variables defined in config files
If template is cached, get cache and go to Step 7

Step 2

Parse PHP on Input

Step 3

Parse simple condit­ionals: segment, embed, global variables

Step 4

Assign and parse {prelo­ad_­rep­lace} variables

Step 5

Parse module tags (inward)
Parse plugin tags (outward, by default)

Step 6

Parse PHP on Output
Write cache file

Step 7

Parse advanced condit­ionals

Step 8

Process embedded templates
Apply redirect

Step 9

Parse user-d­efined global variables
Parse other built-in global variables (see below)

Late-P­arsed Global Variables



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