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drush commands Cheat Sheet by

Quick reference guide to drush, the DRUpal SHell command line utility.


list all drush commands
drush help
get help
drush help [command]
help for a specific
drush [command] --help
help for a specific command

site commands

drush status
high level view of a Drupal instal­lation
drush si
perform Drupal site instal­lation

project (modules and themes)

drush dl [project]
download Drupal core or project from
drush pml
list projects (modules, themes)
drush rln [project]
show project release notes
drush en [project]
enable an extension
drush dis [project]
disable an extension
drush pm-uni­nstall [project]
uninstall an extension


drush vget
get a variable
drush vset
set a variable
drush vset theme_­default [theme]
set default theme
drush vset admin_­theme [theme]
set admin theme


drush uinf [usern­ame­,ui­d,e­mail]
display user inform­ation
drush upwd [username] --pass­wor­d=p­assword
set password
drush uli [username]
generate one-time login URL
drush ublk [usern­ame­,ui­d,e­mail]
block user(s)
drush uublk [usern­ame­,ui­d,e­mail]
unblock user(s)
drush ucan [username]
cancel user

cache and cron

drush cc
clear cache prompt
drush cc all
clear all caches
drush cron
execute scheduled operations


drush wd-list
show available watchdog types and severity levels
drush ws
show watchdog messages
drush ws --type­="access denied­" --tail
watch for failed logins


drush upc
download code updates
drush updb
update database
drush up
update code and database

archive and restore

drush sql-dump --resu­lt-­fil­e=../b­ack­up-­YYY­YMM­-DD.sql
dump database to file
drush sql-drop
drop all tables
drush sqlq --file­=../­ba­cku­p-Y­YYY­-MM­-DD.sql
execute queries in a file
drush ard --dest­ina­tio­n=../b­ack­up-­YYY­Y-M­M-DD. tar
create archive of entire site to a file
drush arr backup­-YY­YY-­MM-­DD.tar
restore archive of entire site from file



The content of this quick reference was released under the Attrib­uti­on-­Sha­reAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) and is originally found in the course "­Sim­plified Drupal Sites with Drush" by Jon Peck on

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There are a lot of these out there, but this one has a filter which is great. One thing that I noticed is that update password command needs to have quotes (at least when the password contains special charaacters). For example, drush upwd admin --password="admin's_password"

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