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Sublime Text 3 Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows/QWERTZ) Keyboard Shortcuts (DRAFT) by

Sublime Text 3 Key Bindings for Users on Windows Systems based in Middle-/ and East-Europe.

This is a draft cheat sheet. It is a work in progress and is not finished yet.

General // Allgemein

Strg + Ö
Show console
Konsole einblenden

File / Datei

New file
Neue Datei
Open file
Datei öffnen
STRG + ⇧ + S
Save as
Speichern unter
Close file
Datei schließen
STRG + ⇧ + W
Close window
Fenster schließen

Edit / Bearbeiten

STRG + #
Commen­t/u­n-c­omment current line
STRG + ⇧ + #
Block comment current selection
Selektion auskom­men­tieren

Find / Suchen

Strg + D
Select word - Repeat select others occurr­ences
Überse­tzung fehlt
Strg + U
Select word – go a step back
Überse­tzung fehlt
Strg + K
Select word – skip the current selection
Überse­tzung fehlt
Strg + G
Go to line
Springe zu Zeile
Alt + F3
Find all of selection
Überse­tzung fehlt


Strg + ⇆
Zuletzt bearbe­iteter Tab
Strg + ⇧ + ⇆
Danach bearbe­iteter Tab
Alt + [NUM]
Switch to tab number
Zu Tab an Position [NUM] springen
Strg + PgUp
Cycle up through tabs
Tab nach rechts
Strg + PgDn
Cycle down through tabs
Tab nach links
STRG + ⇧ + T
Reopen closed file
Zuletzt geschl­­ossene Datei öffnen
User Key Bindings
{ "­key­s": ["ct­rl+­tab­"], "­com­man­d": "­nex­t_v­iew­" },
{ "­key­s": ["ct­rl+­shi­ft+­tab­"], "­com­man­d": "­pre­v_v­iew­" }

Misc / Diverse

Strg + ⇧ + Alt + P
Show scope in status bar

Plugin Shortcuts

Strg + Alt + A
Strg + Alt + Enter

Shuffle, Sort, Reverse and Unique Lines

First we have Shuffle, which does exactly that, shuffling them into a random order. Then we have Sort, which will alphab­etize your lines. Next we have Reverse which swaps the previously sorted lines, or just flips any code in the reverse order. Finally, we have Unique which removes any duplicate lines of code. All of these commands are available via the Command Palette.