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Biology Unit 1: Biology, the Study of Life Cheat Sheet by

Scientific Method

1. Collect inform­ation and make observ­ations
2. Form hypothesis
3. Conduct an experiment to test your hypothesis
4. Retest and come to a conclusion
5. Identify a law or theory­/draw a conclusion

5 Charac­ter­istics of Living Things

1. Reproduce
2. Respond to the Enviro­nment
3. Be Made of Cells
4. Grow and Develop
5. Obtain and Use Energy

Important Scientists

Francesco Redi: 1668 Found out that living things do not come from nonliving things by taking two plates of meat and covering one. He saw that there were only flies on the plate that was not covers and he concluded that the flies did not come from the meat.
Louis Pasteur: 1859 Boiled liquid to kill everything in it and covered it. When he looked at it later, there were no living organisms in it because everything was dead so he concluded that living things had to come from other living things.


Asexual Reprod­uction: Reprod­uction where offspring come from a single parent that is identical to the parent.
Sexual Reprod­uction: Reprod­uction where two parents each donate one cell to create offspring (ferti­liz­ation).
Enviro­nment: The conditions around an organism (land, air, water, other organisms, etc.)
Stimulus: A change in the enviro­nment that causes an organism to respond.
Homeos­tasis: An organism's ability to keep it's internal conditions stable for life (being warm blooded).
Unicel­lular Organisms: Organisms with one cell.
Multic­ellular Organisms: Organisms with more than one cell.
Metabo­lism: The act of obtaining and using energy
Control Group: The group in an experiment that does not receive any treatment and is used to measure how the other tested subjects did.
Quanti­tative Data: Data that contains numbers.
Qualit­ative Data: Data that does not contain numbers.


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