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US History 2 Final Review Cheat Sheet by


Eli Whitney
invented cotton gin - reinvi­gorated slavery
White Male Planters
dominated south, socially, and politi­cally
European Migrants
settled in the North, skilled workers, did not want to compete with slaves
of southe­rners owned slaves
Harriet Beecher Stowe
wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin, exposed the world to slavery
the main reason most southern whites did not own slaves
Discri­min­ation, Irish
obstacles free blacks faced in the North
Power to Slave States
why the Texas annexation was opposed
Joint Resolution
Texas was added to the USA
USA paid $15 Million to Mexico
terms of the Guadal­upe­-Hi­dalgo Treaty
These summarize #1-10 in the Final Review Packet.


President Polk
faced antisl­avery forces about expans­ionist program
Wilmont Proviso
banned slavery in all ceded territory
Free Soil Party in 1848
wanted to give women right to vote
Popular Soveregnty
Election of 1848
when Democrats and Whigs kept silent on issue of slavery
Effects of Gold Found in CA
disrupted balance of free/slave states, (also crime)
Dred Scott v. Stanford, 1857
slavery was consti­tut­ional, slave trade was not
Uncle Tom's Cabin in Britain and France
very unpopular, kept foreign armies out of war
Lecompton Consti­tution
permitted slavery in some form, divided democrats (Buchanan)
New England Immigrant Aid Society
moved immigrants to Kansas, to change free/slave state balance
These summarize questions #11-20 in the Final Review Packet


Start of the Civil War
Confed­erates bombarded Union at Ft. Sumter
Strengths of Union
strong economy
Weaknesses of Union
not tactful fighting
Strengths of Confed­erates
brilliant military minds
Weaknesses of Confed­erates
weak economy
Battle of Bull Run
had seemingly opposite effect of reducing Confed­erate enlist­ments
Peninsula Campaign
Union tried to capture Richmond, lead to "­total war"
Monitor and Merrimack
ironclad ships, broke through blockades
Inspire Border States
main reason Robert E. Lee invaded Maryland
Confed­erate Victories at Antietam and Gettysburg Would Have
led France and Britain to see South as its own country
Freedman's Bureau
attempted to provide education to freedmen
Why Andrew Johnson?
appeal to Democrats and Southe­rners
Black Codes
indicated arrogant South acted as it had won the war
These summarize #21-30 in the Final Review Packet


13th Amendment
abolished slavery
14th Amendment
addressed citize­nship rights
15th Amendment
gave African American men the right to vote
Ku Klux Klan
secret terrorist organi­zation
Ulysses S. Grant
no political experi­ence, poor character
Positives of Recons­tru­ction
one union, gained power (not major on test)
Negatives of Recons­tru­ction
waste, specul­ation, corruption
Waving the Bloody Shirt
reminder of Civil War, Republican Party's role
Boss Tweed
NYC "­party boss", revealed by Thomas Nast
Credit Mobilier Scandal
railroad constr­uction kickbacks
Liberal Republ­icans
formed to combat corruption from Grant Admini­str­ation
These summarize #31-38 in the Final Review Packet


Horace Greeley
Liberal Republican Candidate in 1872
Panic of 1873
expansion of factories, railroads, and mines
Transc­ont­inental Railroad
federal government provided land grants and loans
Wabash, St. Louis, & Pacific Railroad Company v. Illinois
railroads were inters­tate, and could not be regulated
Thomas Edison
entrep­reneur, invented the light bulb
Andrew Carnegie
vertical integr­ation
John D. Rockef­eller
horizontal integr­ation
J. Pierpont Morgan
interl­ocking direct­orates
Problems of Move From Rural -> City
more waste, need for disposal (space)
Darwin's Theory (History)
split between religious conser­vatives who denied integr­ation and accomm­oda­tio­nists who supported it
These summarize #39-46 in the Final Review Packet

#47-49, 51-60

Jane Adams, Florence Kelley
Hull House, no religious instru­ction, social reform
Booker T. Washington
wanted economic indepe­ndence and education for African Americans
W.E.B DuBois
wanted complete equality for all African Americans
Buffalo Soldiers
African American Regiment (Glory)
Nez Perce Indians in Idaho
forced onto reserv­ations, started war
Racial Divisions
why white farmers aligned with Democrats rather than Populists in 1892
Jacob Coxey
marched in Washington for relief for the unemployed
Alfred T. Mayham
believed key to world domination was contro­lling the seas
Hawaii's Queen Liliuo­kalani
opposed annexation to US, wanted Natives to control Hawaii
Maine (Ship)
went to Cuba, accidental internal explosion
Rough Riders
effective fighting force
Spanish American War
many soldiers died because of sickness and disease
President William McKinley
declared war on Spain, because of Cuba
These summarize #47-49, 51-60 in the Final Review Packet


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