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A WoW dungeon quick reference guide for the dungeon "Plaguefall" in Maldraxxus.


Decaying Flesh Giant
Throws out poison patches. Also casts [Creepy Crawlers].
Casts [Blinding Fungus] which leaves a trap on the ground. Casts [Wonder Grow] which I assume heals.
Fungi Stormer
Casts [Fungi­storm] which does AoE damage to the party.
Gushing Slime
Put a stacking debuff on players near them. If you don't move away to drop the stacks, it will kill you.
Pestilent Harvester
Casts [Hurl Spores] which I believe is a DoT. Casts [Doom Shroom] which needs to be moved away from.
Plague Belcher
Sidestep [Belch Plague] frontal. The slimes he summons will heal him if they reach him.
Will do [Rolling Plague] in which it rolls in a direction and should be avoided.
Rotmarrow Slime
[Corrosive Gunk] causes a stacking DoT. Interrupt.
Rotting Slimeclaw
Puts a stacking debuff called [Corroded Claws] on the tank. Make sure to drop stacks.
Slime Tentacle
Tank must be in melee range or else it casts [Vile Spit].

Boss: Globgrog

Does a knockback stomp. Watch your positi­oning.
Casts [Slime Wave] which is a front cone attack targeted as a random player. Dodge.
[Beckon Slime] spawns slime adds that need to be CCed/k­illed. The big one is the most important.
If the slimes reach the boss they heal him.

Boss: Doctor Ickus

Boss hops around to the islands. Might be a good idea to clear trash by pulling to the entrance to avoid aggroing the boss.
Tank must be in melee range else boss casts [Burning Strain].
Healers should dispel [Slime Injection] DoT.
Dps should swap to Plague Bomb add when it's up. It needs to die before it explodes.
The Congealed Slime grants some kind of damage reduction aura, so worth killing first if you can still kill the Plague Bomb in time.

Boss: Domina Venomblade

When webs show up, AoE around them to break Brood Assassins out of stealth. If you don't, they'll invisibly spam cast on the group.
Stand within 6 yards of an ally or else you'll get CC'ed by a web.
Move away from group when targeted by [Shadow Ambush] (purple circle).
Classes that can remove poisons should remove [Cytotoxic Slash] debuff on the tank.

Boss: Margrave Stradama

Dodge tentacles. If the pattern has gaps, stand in the gaps. If the pattern has no gaps, then go stand by the last tentacle, after the first one smashes, move in front of the first tentacle spot and you should be safe.
The Malignant Spawn add will put a targeting circle on the ground. The tank needs to stand in it to soak (no one else needs to).
Infectious Rain is a disease that should be dispelled if possible.
Tank needs to stay in melee range or else the boss will cast [Plague Rot].


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