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Tankers by

Liquid bulk transport

Large diverse fleet
- Produc­t/handy size
- Panamax
- suezmax

Shipowners – 130 Norwegian
- Odfjell
- BW Gas
- Klaveness
- KnutsenOAS
- Frontline

Income from one-way shipping, high fluctu­ation in price

- Energy
- Chemical
- Agricu­lture

Crude oil –a bit differ­ent...

Oil is a strategic business and market economics operate within a political framework
Factors of import­ance:
- Refinery location
- Balancing trades
- Deficit trade

Current Energy Sources

Fossil fuels provide about 95%of all commercial energy in the world
Sustai­nable or renewable energy resources currently provide less than 3%of world power needs
Nuclear energy provides about twice as much energy as renewable sources

Chemical tankers

Ships intended for transp­ort­ation of all types of liquid chemicals
"­Dru­gstore ships"

Crude oil tankers

Unrefined (crude) oil
Approx 500 ULCC/VLCC
Lightening is common [trans­ferring between two ships]

Gas carriers

Gas carriers are ships intended for transp­ort­ation of compressed or liquefied gas
Large scale LNG trade is charac­terized by long term commit­ments contracts between seller and buyer

Product tankers

Ships intended for transport of all types of oil products except crude oil

Old and modern tanker comparison


Oil production

Top Global Oil Reserves

Major crude oil trade routes

LNG trade

Natural gas consum­ption



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