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Facebook Posting for Marketers Cheat Sheet by

What to post?

A post with a photo will get you 53% more likes and 104% more comments!
Question posts bring in 100% more comments, but fewer likes and shares than other posts. Certain words bring in higher amounts of activity:
- 'Should' = 100%, 'Would' = 100%,
- 'Which' = 90%, 'Who' = 80%, 'When' = 60%,
- 'What' = 59%, 'Where' = 50%, 'Why' = 40%, 'How' = 20%
Make sure to post about compet­itions. 35% of people like a page so they can enter contests!
Coupons and discounts also bring in followers. 42% of people will like a page in order to gain a cheaper deal.
Stock photos bring in less traffic than graphics made by you.
Posting links actually brings in a lot of traffic! Your website could be viewed by up to 22,000 people just within a 5k radius, so make sure you post the link to that on Facebook.

Use emoticons :)

Emoticons, used mainly in informal social internet messaging or texting, can also be used in a business setting. In fact, in a study by American Express Open Forum, it was found that by including emoticons in a post on Facebook, you could:

- Gain 33% more shares

- Gain 33% more comments

- Gain 57% more likes!

All this for just a smiley.

When to post?

Biggest engagement rates on 3 days for both B2C and B2B:
Thursdays (Biggest), Friday and Sunday
Most sharing done on:
Attention paid to Facebook:
During commute hours (7am-8am), Lunch (1pm-3pm), Home time (5pm-6pm), After Dinner (7.30p­m-11pm)
For B2C:
It is suggested you focus posting on weekends to hit target audience.
For B2B:
It is suggested that you post contin­uously throughout the week, as evidence shows both a positive and negative correl­ation between time of posting and post reception.

What picture to use on a Facebook Ad?

Chris Cardell is a marketer who works primarily through email and video seminars. In one of his seminars, he mentions that using pictures of young, attractive females makes both men and women click on your advert without alienating either gender. This means that you target your advert to both.

If the woman in your photo is looking toward your text, even better! Psycho­log­ically, we look at what other people are looking at. When people see a picture of someone looking in a specific direction, they follow the sight-line subcon­sci­ously. This means that the reader of your ad will follow the sight-line of the woman's eyes straight to the copy you have written below - meaning that they read your advert and are more likely to click and view your ad!

Frequency of Posts

In a study done by Buffer App, they discovered that posts received just as little­/much attention when they posted 6 times a day to when they posted once, suggesting that it is not how much you post that matters, but what you post instead.

Posting by Day

Posting by Time

The Language of Facebook Posts

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