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Tahsili Chemistry (Acids and Bases) Cheat Sheet by

2024 Tahsili Chemistry: Acids and Bases

Properties of Acids and Bases

Arrhenius theory
acids are substances that contains hydrogen and dissoc­iates to produce H+, and a base is any substance that cointains hydroxide and dissoc­iates to produce OH-
disadv­antage of arrhenius theory
not all bases contain OH, but can produce it when dissolved in water
Ex: NH3 - NaCO3
Bronst­ed-­Lowry Theory
Acids are H+ donors, bases are H+ acceptors
Conjugate Pairs
acids that donate H+ and become bases are called conjugate bases, while bases that accept H+ and become acids are called conjugate acids
acids and bases are both electr­olytes
water can act as an acid and base, so it is amphoteric

PH and POH

PH = -log[H+]
POH = -log[OH-]
PH + POH = 14

Monoprotic and Polyprotic Acids

Monoprotic Acid
can only donate one H+ ion
Polyprotic Acid
can donate multiple H+ ions
Lewis Theory
acids are an electron pair acceptor, bases are an electron pair donor
Lewis Acids
BF3, BCl3, H+, Ag+
Lewis Bases
F_, PCl3, NH3, Cl_
Acidic Anhydrides
nonmetal oxides that react with water to produce an acid
Ex: CO2
Basic Anhydrides
metal oxides that react with water to form a base
Ex: CaO
water dissoc­iation constant (kw)
[H+] x [OH_] = 10-14

Neutra­liz­ation and Titration

Neutra­liz­ation Reaction
acid + base = water + salt
a method of finding an unknown acid or base's concen­tration by using a known one (standard solution)
Equiva­lence Point
Moles H+ = Moles OH-
acid-base indicators
substances that change color in acidic or basic solutions (bromo­thymol, phenol­pht­halein)
Hydrolysis of salt
a reaction in which one of the salt's ions reacts with water to produce an acidic or basic solution
Buffer Solution
a solution that resists a change in its PH
Buffer capacity
the amount of acid or base that can be added without a signif­icant change in PH


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